Links from outside the box

, a rival site selected. Here the competitors should be level and their site status should not differ too much, we can put their own development plan website into several stages, such as when the new sites with a slightly higher weight than their own web site web site as a competitor; when their own website to obtain certain rank and weight, then improve their competitors level. Everything is like a marathon step by step, like in the game will be in front of a few athletes as competitors, beyond motivating yourself again in front of some athletes do competitors, one step beyond, obtained for race, Shanghai dragon is the same.

2, through love Shanghai snapshots

Hello, I am Changsha Shanghai dragon dragon Jun. We all know that the higher the quality of the website chain, rankings and the weight of the website promotion effect is big, many website no content at all, but the weight is very high ranking and examples of countless, not only bring chain effect, effect of the chain on the site it is can not be ignored. For the love of Shanghai, the general web page weight is the largest, if there is a high weight site to your site, the benefits of self-evident. Today Changsha Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to share how to obtain high quality website Links — from outside the box. The general site is very suitable, I hope to help friends.

1, through the "love Shanghai weight" screening. Here we call love Shanghai weight, though not accurate data. For example, a website of our own love Shanghai weight 1, then we have around 2 and 1 and the site are considered as object;


what is outside the box so? Stones from other mountains can be used to polish jade. In other people for their metaphorical effect. So here we are competitors to other countries. That is to say by competitors, to help us obtain the high quality of the chain. We often say that competition is the best teacher, it is universal in all walks of life, Shanghai dragon industry is no exception. Well, look at Changsha Shanghai Longfeng share as follows.

two, when we selected several competitors, we watch their Links. Yes, we see competitors and what do Links website. The competitors and their site level is not so far, generally speaking, the other side of the Links website would be similar, most should be better than their own website weight, ranking, which is outside the box. So how do we see? A point, and then use the webmaster tools to check? I believe that most thought is so learned this method or person. Changsha Shanghai Longfeng here to introduce an efficient method. First we will be a rival of the domain name of the website in the CHINAZ webmaster tools to query its Links. As follows:

How to optimize the key strategy of 10

3. will focus on the key words arranged in the first home page


2. for some keywords most scarce and best

5. will do the most matching day, giving more weight

a lot of people don’t really understand, I say here, all love Shanghai search engine data stored on the server, if your keywords appear in the layout of web pages is relatively scarce, it is the search engine server storage is not the key, so love Shanghai will give great weight, but also conducive to ranking fresh things, the love is not a spider, keyword strategy, including the optimization process is best to some of the more rare keyword best.

Keywords Title

in the layout time must take relevant or important keywords on the front page of the current position in the search engine spiders to crawl the web, will first give the greatest weight of each text, so in order to optimize the key words, must take the keyword optimization on the current, so the keyword ranking is very good. It is best to use H1 tags to summarize the best.

home page content and anchor text more relevant, ranking the better, if you are a " optimization; Shanghai dragon training, content is not " " Shanghai Longfeng marketing tool " like, although the content is less, but the love of Shanghai will think your page appears not related to many the content was sentenced to do other, do not " Shanghai dragon training " the main keyword content, suggest that we must be unified.

1. layout in front of

This Keywords Keywords

4. must be done and the topic relevance

and fourth is almost the same, but there are a few different keywords must fit well. The contents do correlation, the correlation coefficient, the higher ranking, included will also increase. Keywords matching means when you do the anchor text must match, such as the words "Shanghai dragon training", do not suit for " Shanghai Longfeng the best training institutions, " this is not completely matching and matching is the most perfect "Shanghai dragon training course" this is is really, I hope you do. "

I believe many of my friends know Shanghai dragon, but still a lot of people in the optimization of the time did not grasp this point, so the spider crawling into your page appears a lot of irrelevant keywords or bad keywords point, this will distract you need to optimize keywords ranking. We recommend you to the keywords you want to optimize or focus in the front row. Keywords key on the back. This spider would know which keywords you want to optimize is important. Give a certain weight to make your keywords ranking.


Is not conducive to the website ranking optimization several influence factors

two, the quality of the chain is not up to

, a Links with improper

site in Shanghai love in rank or weight, quality and website in Google RP and the lifting of the chain has an integral relationship. If you do not pay attention to the number of the chain of quality concern, continuously the group chain will bring a lot of garbage outside the chain to the site, increase search engine cost, and the mass chain itself belongs to a kind of cheating behavior, long-term group chain will be search engine punishment, the website weight and you are falling ranking. In fact, the search engine is link to the quality, so the chain must be original, often go to the forum or blog have some interaction etc..

three, the title only use pictures

for many years engaged in the construction site are generally not make such a mistake, basically are just getting started will often appear such mistakes. Frequent change of title to the site to build >

the quality of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a double-edged sword, with the good, can for the web site to infinite benefits, improper use may lead to site is K. However, the net duct Xiaobian think, just be able to master the correct site optimization techniques, is not conducive to avoid some of the optimization factors, then website ranking love Shanghai home is not difficult!

site is down right, and Links is one of them, if the site is down right, first on their own website Links detailed examination, see if there is K or drop right, if Links is K, will be immediately cancelled. But after removing a link to each other, and must contact each other webmaster, do stand with the truth in life is the same, must have morality. If the exchange Links when a detailed examination of the foundation of the other site, check the snapshot time, the website included, website ranking position, there is no other site is K or drop right, can for the future of Shanghai dragon website optimization to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

There are many reasons to love Shanghai

four, often change the website title


HD picture can make the site looks more and have a unique style in the form of pictures, titles and menus than text in the form of a lot better. But for Shanghai Longfeng optimization in terms of words, the use of picture title is not conducive to the website ranking. Because of H2, H3, etc. these menu links for Shanghai dragon optimization plays a very important role, if your site H2, H3, and other labels do not novel is very difficult to win the search engine’s favorite, and a large number of customers will also affect the opening speed of the user, so the user experience is not good the paper rate of science and technology through technical here, compression will store a large amount of customer pictures on the site will be back, to avoid the disadvantages brought by the slow loading pictures.

is not conducive to the optimization of composition of Shanghai dragon? There are eight main points:

How to avoid

How to efficiently find it can send the Chain Forum

3, the rational use of the intitle command. We found that, through the method of keywords and instructions, sometimes is not accurate, it can be combined with intitle to use. For example: intitle: weight inurl:forum. This correlation will be higher. If you find a large forum, so you can find a lot of keyword site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 post, but a general forum, most do some of it, you can also use intitle: site:www.xxx贵族宝贝. to find out the way to lose weight correlation will be stronger.

we all know, the chain of place is nothing more than blogs and forums, and some question answering system, B2B system, the classified information website. For the blog, question answering system, B2B system, classified information website these are relatively fixed in place, this is how to find the chain forum to make a discussion.

people, the hair of the chain, the most common number, regardless of the correlation of the chain, our view is not related to the can, however, related to the chain should be in the majority, so how to find the relationship between the forum to send the chain will introduce below? My experience.

The present situation of the

1, site:www.xx贵族宝贝. This command can define a range defined within the scope of the domain name www.xx贵族宝贝. Very useful, but no one does not know. But when the hair of the chain, how to use this command? Is very simple, when you find a hair of the chain of the forum, you can be in love with you in Shanghai, keywords, for example, your station is losing weight, then you can come to this: to lose weight site:www.xxx贵族宝贝. So, all about losing weight posts of this forum will find out. Then, you go to the registration, reply, and bring your anchor text, you should be much better than the effect of the.

4, according to the above instructions, find the government forum. Some people think that higher government website weight class, do the chain is good, you can use.

2, inurl:bbs and Inurl:thread or inurl:forum of the three command is very useful, can find a large number of related forums, why use this command? The reason is that at present, people in the design of URL, often the forum is set to BBS, and the forum most by discuss construction, discuss forum URL static, often contain thread and forum two key words. So to find such a forum, you can use your keywords such as: weight loss inurl:bbs

first, we mainly through the search engine to find, then you need to master some common query instructions.

How to solve the problem of web browsing http404 error

1, uninstall the IIS

2,%windir%system32inetsrv delete.


so that in any case with the following steps to re install IIS:


so helpless, find information on the internet. This is likely to be IIS (Internet Information Server) in addition to the problem, reinstall the possible solutions to the problem of a netizen is:

later, on second thought, I will not be a problem with the IE. So to find the problem of IE, with the rising of the first large-scale virus killing. In the confirmation of non-toxic, useful 360 security guards, killing the Trojans, malicious rogue plug-ins like dongdong. Such a toss, the sensory system has no problem, open the browser, but found the problem.

at first, that is the site in daily maintenance, opened some other sites when everything is normal, so no care. But in the unit at these sites can normally access, and wonder what happened? Have I used to "vent on drums" (Tie Tong), at its regular website also mean and having no sense of shame, the shield.

4, the inetpub directory is deleted.

this is not the practice of insurance, many people in the IIS after the problem is still heavy.

5, reinstall IIS

3, the%windir%iisX.log X IIS version is deleted.

general practice, directly add remove programs in the control panel to uninstall IIS reload.

(the above operation can be carried out in safe mode.

recently I found a problem, I often visit some websites in the browser browsing, always prompt HTTP 404 error, the file cannot be found.


see here, is not feeling too much trouble. In fact, you and I feel the same, so its better to reinstall the system to do. Lazy lazy to use, so I take a shortcut, is not looking for a good ie repair tool, let him help repair the following. Use the repair tool 360 security guards, repair some setup in ie. Open the browser, OH, MY GOD! Success! Ecstasy problem solved.

Perfect decryption site keywords optimization strategy

page usually contains hundreds of thousands of words, the search engine is what words is the page keywords that how to judge? In fact, the search engine statistics page number, who repeated the word or phrase will be considered relatively important. The so-called keyword density, is between the words and the words of the page keywords proportion.

selection is not a word or phrase refers to any specified or not.

final choice should have relevance, is the central focus of the corresponding page.

website is divided into three categories: target keywords (keyword), secondary keywords and long tail keywords. In determining the site keywords, whether over which one should follow the following principle:

with the popularity of the Internet, more and more people are accustomed to from the Internet to obtain information, but the huge data in network makes it difficult for users to find the information they need in a short time, and the search engine to solve the problem. Through the search engine, the user can quickly and accurately find the required information. With the continuous development of the Internet search engine technology, it has become an indispensable tool for website promotion.

generally, the goals of the web site keywords often under the title of the site information. Relative to the main keywords, difficult to optimize secondary keywords is relatively low, can be set to the directory sites secondary keywords, and the long tail keywords can be used as the title of the article or in the content of the article.

Keywords Keywords

3. density

optimization refers to the long summary of the search engine and ranking rules, the goals of the web site keywords get higher ranking in a search engine, so that more users can enter the website and found by keywords. Target keywords website has a good ranking in the search engines, not only can bring considerable traffic to the site, the order quantity of the website can also increase.

2. layoutAs the core of the

selection if users are most likely to search for words or phrases.

today, by keyword optimization to improve site visibility and traffic has become a common means of the webmaster and Shanghai dragon network marketing personnel. So, what are the keywords optimization skills?


in order to get a better ranking, the key.

web page or an article, keyword appears position or different format, the search engine spiders give emphasis will be different, and even affect the level of weight. Therefore, the optimization of key words, should pay special attention to the layout of the keywords, not blindly placed keywords.

The Keywords Keywords

from the user point of view to choose keywords: assuming that you are a user, will use what keywords to search.

Keywords Keywords

Keywords Keywords

Keywords love Shanghai products screen Teach you how to use the source of the news on Shanghai love

two, select high weight news source platform

three, press release with the Shanghai dragon


this point is also a point beyond itself and the news platform is the most important, because when the platform selection and >

The characteristics of


news source, news source platform is often the high weight of the platform, as long as the news source content released will be largely love Shanghai included, included more than how to do so in addition to the home page? Here to teach you how to use several methods, high weight platform issued a news source and get a better ranking.

four news source

news is whether there is the value of the news, and love Shanghai news source is not included to achieve 100%. Because of love of Shanghai have included the system of their own, if not found this news is already repeated or does not have news value, love Shanghai often not included this content. And the news content related to this is a must, there is a very important area is related, such as I search for news of Wuhan, Beijing estimated that the website is not Wuhan website ranking, website of course is an exception.


news contentThe maximum value of

Internet rampant in recent years, more traditional industries are facing a transition. The first is the inevitable result of grassroots webmaster, from the media until the arrival of this, more firmly the difficult road of the webmaster. The platform is more and more low threshold, everyone is a disseminator of content. This year to Wei Zexi events of the year, Shanghai has been a public outlet of love. Change the greatest love Shanghai for position cut from the original is to four, but recent advertising seems ready to slow growth. There is no more comments.

?The answer is by

news source friends should know that the highest weights are Phoenix news source platform, Sina, NetEase, Sohu. The collection of these four platforms is often the most expensive, so in addition to other news source platform, how to choose the Gao Quanzhong platform? First consider the vertical platform content, although the scope of each platform involved are very broad, but the weight which platform corresponding plate is higher which is preferred, and then statistic included and ranking of the release of the platform, combining with the data analysis platform were put in what is good.

cut for advertising are more importance in search of Shanghai home show love and love, as everyone knows their products are born with the weight of the aura of Shanghai. As long as the product content released to Shanghai through the love and be collected, often the title keyword ranking is not bad, so love Shanghai screen word moment Huobian circle. Then we do keyword using love Shanghai platform can also be through what method do except


, have the characteristics of

The influence factors of the website rankings

According to the importance of

, a social networking, user comments on the website of the factors that influence the website ranking still occupies a very important position: +1, Facebook, noble baby share Facebook connection and Facebook, Facebook, Pinterest, comments like Tweets, these are the needs of Web site has a high visibility, big brands have great the advantage in the rankings.

website ranking

negative: Adsense advertising blocks exist, the title character in length, Adsense, keywords in H1 tags

home owners announced 2013 key factors affecting Google website ranking, summarizes the common sites in Google search ranking results in good ranking, the difference between them and poor ranking sites, the 300 thousand in the Google ranking site to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the indicators, combined with the above Yuge summer analysis of the factors influencing the factors of site ranking in search engine.

for small owners, to occupy a space for one person in a social commentary, do unique, professional website will be enough subdivision is feasible, which has been emphasized in the field of Internet, a small but beautiful website. The positioning is very important, as the composition website, summer writing network is Yuge location positioning in the junior high school students’ composition, the main target is the first grade to the third grade of junior middle school students.

+1, Facebook, noble baby share backlinks number, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, Pinterest, comments like Tweets, nofollow, the percentage of reverse link reverse link URL visibility ratio, "stop words" in the reverse link of the percentage, the length of the link, the number of internal links, anchor text words, HTML keywords Title length, position, reverse link from the same country, the percentage of content words, keywords in the text, whether the page keywords external links, internal links to self reference link, key internal links, external links number, number of pictures, URL is the two level domain keywords, reverse link percentage whether the existence of page description Description, H2 tag is present, the visit speed of website, whether H1 label, domain The name is contained in the key words, video content integration, H2 tag exists in the key of Description, in the description of keywords in the URL

the key factors affecting

from these ranking factors can be seen:

at the same time, Google ranked 2013 influence factors, from social media users to comment and discussion, as can be seen, the search engine.

, 2013 Google ranking of major factors in the face:

Liu Jinge to increase website traffic cheats using flyers

1, printing, print out your content before must let people at a glance, because if you print the contents of the special, when people look for a long time you do not know what is the content of the flyer, you this is the failure of the single printing, which I go on the road time received a leaflet. This is a large single India, and India is the address below, it may be about a hotel address, and I watched the semi naive don’t know what is the use of the leaflets, the leaflets is a failure.

in my time to distribute leaflets, often see such a phenomenon, that is when the flyer to the people behind these people may have some garbage old lady or old man, they can say some see directly to these people picking up trash. I think this leaflet even sent, they do not have what effect. This is a waste of this leaflet said. So when we distribute leaflets must have time for the crowd, not recklessly. As we go to decorate the first net leaflets, send this leaflet for the crowd is to buy a house or buy real customers, we are a portal on the decoration, mainly for the owners to provide a platform, so that they can quickly adjust the time of decoration for decoration company, and a the crowd is a decoration company. Because we have a certain customer source, therefore, these sources can provide information to the decoration company. Such.

2, printing color sense, when choosing this flyer color, must choose a school than warm colors, and looks to the atmosphere, not like a real appearing nervous in public, the flyers, if you above all the words and the color is in the limelight, this kind of effect is not good. The. For example: if the hotel leaflets I feel should first a green color. Because he’s message should be natural, pollution-free. If the decoration should be a kind of warm color, this will give people a feeling of home. Therefore, the choice of color may decide your acceptance.

talked about leaflets I think everyone is not so strange, because we are in school or doing part-time jobs should be done in this area of work, since we all know, then I’ll talk about what is the role of distribute leaflets and improve site traffic. If you want to know what his role, it must first analyze a website how to send leaflets:

Simple The first

second leaflets for crowd


I think we basically all printed leaflets, besides this I also understand, leaflet printing cost is not too large, you are printing more of his price will be cheaper, now if printed almost, should also be in a few cents or so, of course you printed pages and his size is not the same, the price is not the same as the flyers. In fact, printed leaflets is a very tricky thing.

Using the experience of Shanghai love to do some experience of the chain

Shanghai Longfeng webmaster all know love Shanghai very concerned about their own products, whether the third party BSP blog, know inquiry platform, share button, Wikipedia entries, love Shanghai library, the Shanghai love their own products in the search engine, the proportion is very large. So the webmaster to leveraging the power to do search engine optimization, will from the love of Shanghai themselves. The blogger himself through the love of Shanghai’s own products get a lot of benefits, and now we talk about is how to do the chain using the love experience of Shanghai.

love Shanghai experience is: let the user can through experience tutorial you learn something, or you can make the experience described something from theories into practical steps, so love the experience of Shanghai’s title is very important, the title of the writing must do the following several points: title to * * * * * * tutorial method, how to solve the problem of the title is not * * *; can be more than 22 words, these 22 words best to consider the Shanghai dragon optimization, to bring their own words to write in, increase the weight of words; the title does not need it like the soft gorgeous, ordinary title, the title should also take into account the user experience, users will find this method, what kind of title. The weight of love experience in Shanghai is very high, as long as it is in terms of experience, users can search the relevant title, Shanghai will experience love in the first row.


notes section, where you can fill in the supplement to the experience, in some places is to pay special attention to this, you can add that, or you want to popularize information, also can pay attention to details in the description in

for the webmaster Shanghai sex experience, inevitably is to leave a chain for myself, the chain indeed experience is very stable.

third: experience chain skills.

: the title of the first writing experience.

second: empirical content editor.


tools for us, but we do experience is not entirely in order to optimize, users also need to be considered, fill in the choice of tools, even if only a tool, is also responsible for the user. The specific content of the experience is very important, if it is pure experience of things, the best description must be clear, organized, ideas must be clear; if the operation experience, the best is a step by step out, you know that others do not understand, so it must be simple and clear.

content is divided into several sections: experience introduction, experience tools, specific content of experience, experience matters needing attention. These plates of ordinary members may not use what, but for the website optimization webmaster, is to optimize the details, experience introduction introduce you to the basic information of products, this is advertising is one of the methods for their products.

Although not very useful The main purpose of