Hainan will encourage more peasant entrepreneurship during 13th Five-Year

During the period of

in 12th Five-Year, the development of employment in China has achieved fruitful results. In Hainan, for example, nearly 480 thousand new jobs. With the return of migrant farmers in the progressive implementation of the policy, the number of newly employed population will be higher and higher.

1 19, Hainan province human resources and social security work conference held in Haikou. The meeting noted that 2015 is 12th Five-Year ending year, in the period of 12th Five-Year, the province’s total employment of more than 477 thousand people. "13th Five-Year" period, be sure to pay attention to solve structural wanderers, ensure stable employment situation.

"12th Five-Year" period, the province’s total urban employment 477 thousand people

2015 is the year ending 12th Five-Year. Steady employment situation in Hainan Province, the province’s 101 thousand new urban jobs. In the "12th Five-Year" period, the province’s total urban employment 477 thousand people, rural labor employment 471 thousand and 700, laid-off workers re employed 182 thousand and 600 people, the registered urban unemployment rate remained below 3%, less than 4% of the control objectives. The initial employment rate of college graduates is higher than the national average. Cumulative allocation of vocational training subsidies 79 million 30 thousand yuan, to carry out vocational training of 78 thousand passengers, issuing small loans of $620 million, driven by the employment of more than 30 thousand people.

"13th Five-Year" period, ensure stable employment situation

finally focus on migrant workers to do service work, efforts to promote the resident population of the town has the ability to stabilize employment and living orderly realization of the people.   through strengthening employment guidance, labor docking, skills upgrading and other measures to increase the work of labor exports in poor areas, to support the return of farmers to start and guide the local employment.

2016 goals: urban employment more than 90 thousand people

A is the full implementation of the employment policy, the key is to make full use of this policy and to promote effective landing. To strengthen the policy interpretation, increase recommend

Disinfection of the top ten brands list

because of the more serious pollution in various industries, therefore, disinfectant is naturally a great welcome, a lot of product lines, the brand is more. Of course, if you want to choose a better disinfectant products, may wish to choose a higher visibility of the brand. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce disinfection of the top ten brands, which can give you the choice to make a better reference.

disinfectant ten brands list NO.1, aitefu 84: national protection of trademarks, brand-name products in Jiangsu, one of the largest production base Chinese disinfectant. The famous large enterprises, Jiangsu aitefu Group Co. ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.2, Walch Walch: national protection of trademarks, well-known brands, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, the chemical industry leading enterprises, the competitiveness of the brand, Wiley (Guangzhou) Co., ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list: Dettol NO.3, England on 1932, Dettol Reckitt’s brand, household cleaning and personal care is one of the world’s largest consumer company, Reckitt Benckiser (Chinese) Co. ltd..

disinfection of the top ten brands of NO.4, blue moon: Guangzhou City, a well-known trademark, the earliest one of the professional brands engaged in the production of household cleaners, hand sanitizer brand, blue moon (China) Co., ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.5, Colin long: well-known trademarks in Beijing City, Beijing city brand, brand disinfectant best-selling market, leading brand cleaning field, Colin Beijing Long’an Medical Technology Co Ltd.

disinfectant ten brands list NO.6, Mr. Vermeer: founded in the United States, the state trademark protection, the world famous brand Home Furnishing cleaning supplies, household cleaning agents leading brands, a Sino US joint venture, Shanghai Johnson ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.7, Amway will speed: in 1959, the largest direct selling enterprises, one of the largest private enterprises in the United States, reputable multinational companies, Amway (China) Commodity Co. ltd..

disinfectant ten brands list NO.8, kaimi Kami: national trademark protection, national high-tech enterprise, China environmental product certification mark, one of the most competitive brands on the market, Xi’an kaimi Limited by Share Ltd.

disinfection of the top ten brands list NO.9, Jia An: household cleaning areas of well-known brands, the domestic cosmetics industry’s first listed companies, air conditioning disinfectant industry leading brands, Jahwa Abt Associates Inc.

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East China’s largest Cloud Computing Center landing in Suzhou

now the whole society can be said to be a mobile data era, at the same time in such an era, through some high and new technology to implement the business goals and also by one thing, people’s attention recently, East China’s largest Cloud Computing Center landing in Anhui Suzhou.

8 7, Anhui Provincial Commission by letter, the Suzhou municipal government and HUAWEI signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the cloud computing industry in Hefei, the three party. The three party cooperation, the collection policy, capital, corporate resources and other advantages, based on cloud computing data center in Suzhou, Suzhou to build cloud computing application model in eastern china. In the future, Suzhou will become the center of information consumption and cloud computing industry base in East china.

7 30, HUAWEI officially released the enterprise cloud service strategy, in the past four years, HUAWEI enterprise cloud cloud, Cloud City to provide financial, media information, cloud cloud, cloud software development park and other industries solutions have been deployed in the 12 National City cloud computing data center node, with nearly 150 thousand square meters of data center room.

in fact, the East China’s largest Cloud Computing Center landing in Anhui Suzhou is a good news, a lot of local entrepreneurs at the same time, will also be recommended

2016 graduation where to Yibin thousands of Posts waiting for you

is the arrival of a summer, but also a graduation season coming! In the summer of each year, there will be a number of students out of the school gate, to the community for employment. However, in the face of the vast market, 2016 graduate go? Also become a lot of people confused. 2016 do not go to the North Canton, Yibin thousands of Posts waiting for you, welcome your arrival!

to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial work, from July 20th to August 22nd, South Sichuan human resources market is located in the commercial street of Yibin city will organize enterprises held in 2016, before poly Yibin "summer employment of college graduates special recruitment will provide thousands of jobs on the communications, sales, decoration, shopping malls, manufacturing and other industries.

During the

, will be held every Monday, Friday, a special job fairs; Sichuan Province, the human resources market weekly (one, three, five) organized by the regular exchange of talent will be held as usual.

Yibin municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau official told reporters, for school leavers unemployed college graduates every year, there are corresponding work plans and arrangements in Yibin. This year, the South will be held in the human resources market for college graduates 8 special job fairs, while providing on-site employment and entrepreneurship policy consulting.

an area wants to get long-term development, want to have enough competitive power, for the introduction of talent is very important. The Yibin, according to the current social situation, take the introduction of talent strategy, provide the advantageous position, hoping to attract the majority of students to create huge value of labor employment, promote regional economic development.

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Four steps to success to see the success of it

everyone starts with the determination to succeed, however, the road of entrepreneurship is difficult, we may encounter various problems, these problems will hinder our success. To succeed in business, you need to go through the following four steps:

first, is the choice of train of thought. Before the start of ideas is very important, how to invest and how to invest in what industry, marketing and so on are directly determines your key to the success of the investment, even if you have superhuman powers, if the idea of investment direction is wrong, the likelihood of success is almost nonexistent. How to choose the right direction? It is worth noting that, absolutely not others, almost all entrepreneurs, but also unemployed, behind the others, only eat "leftovers", "starve" also be not at all surprising. Treat all hot things, we must keep a cool head, look at the mystery behind, choose a suitable for their own, and the public will not think of the road.

Third, learn to integrate resources. If you have to wait for their own conditions, the best opportunities for entrepreneurs are missed, as jiedongfeng opportunely, big industry plans.

Fourth, not to pay too much attention to profit. At the beginning of the business, the profit is not the first, it is important to pass the road, and so on the right track, and then save the province down, the earned earn back, profits naturally come.


Joe Club investment how big steamed spareribs

traditional characteristics of the food, it is the owner of the ribs Joe buns. How about joining Joe’s club? Open a team owned their own ribs ribs big bun shop, is a good choice for a small entrepreneurial firm breakfast market, good projects!

joined the club Joe big buns ribs need experience? Joe big club ribs baozi is a low threshold to join the project, in the process of joining without sufficient experience, also do not need high degree, as long as million yuan, 3-5 square meters of shops, can open their own special baozi inn. Moreover, the operation of Joe’s ribs and big steamed stuffed bun is also very simple, as long as the franchisee to receive free training provided by the company, 3-7 days can easily get started. So, joining the club ribs ribs is no need for experience.

Qiao Club ribs as the name implies is the use of ribs as the main fillings, and its on-site processing ribs, transparent production process, won the trust of consumers, the source is very rich. At the same time, Joe Club big steamed ribs flexible operation mode, can not only take away, sit shop sales, also can be sent to the cafeteria and supermarkets, sales channels and diverse, covering a large number of consumer groups, the market prospect is very considerable.

different brands of steamed stuffed bun to join the project choice, is to have a different taste. How about Joe’s ribs? High quality delicious, successful venture worthy of trust. Good opportunity, good business opportunity!

Investment jugged delicious fast food boiling

in this fast-paced life, only fast food can follow the rhythm of our lives. How about jugged boiling food? Delicious delicacy, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. Join the jugged boiling of fast food? High quality entrepreneurial projects!

jugged as modern people often eat fast food boiling food, the practice is also different with the ancients. The company always follow the "crock incense boiling, four elegant, a pot of simmering, the world of strange fragrance" purposes, in the prerequisite of the development of fast, steady and pragmatic, successy opened many direct stores, and the establishment of a direct and joint venture stores in more than and 30 regions of the country. Jugged boiling fast food nutrition and health, make everyone happy to eat, eat healthy.


jugged boiling fast food?

fast boiling jugged into the market soon, investors will see huge market potential, and the grand Pipkin nutrition fast food attracted widespread attention. The company believes that through long-term research jugged boiling public relations, has broken through the traditional fast food production technology is not a good copy, the taste is difficult to grasp, the service is not standardized, quantitative result, making process and digital. Developed a patented seasoning bag, a dish of a material bag, a soup of a packet, the crock incense boiling be everyone’s favorite snack brand.

food business opportunities, is always a very hot market. The choice of business to join jugged fast boiling project of their own to open a fast-food franchise boiling crock incense, is a very good choice or not? High quality entrepreneurial projects, it is worth our choice!

What business to get rich Hunan open Rhizomys aquaculture

although the current economic development of the whole society is better, but there are still some areas, due to differences in geographical conditions, leading to the slow development of the local economy, people’s lives have yet to be further improved. After three months of intense preparation, Hunan city of Huaihua province Xupu County oil Ocean Township Party committee and government led the establishment of the Xupu Dazhu County mountain Rhizomys aquaculture cooperatives has officially put into use. Why do you get rich? Hunan open Rhizomys aquaculture!

it is reported that Xupu Dazhu County mountain Rhizomys aquaculture cooperatives covers an area of 4000 square meters, a total investment of more than 60 yuan, jointly established by the oil Yang Xiang Da Zhi Fang Zhi Fang Cun village and small organizations of 47 households and 156 people to help the poor. At present, there has been only more than 1 thousand and 100 field Rhizomys seedlings, the farming cooperatives unified sales, to the end of the year can angufenhong.

from the current farming and sales situation, the poor households to join the cooperatives in the technical guidance of professionals, the average household has 50 or so of the commodity rat sold, the average can reach only about 4 pounds. According to the current market price of 65 yuan per kilogram sold per household, poor households have Rhizomys income up to 13000 yuan, remove the breeding cost, annual income is expected to reach more than 10000 yuan. Poor households farming alone, 20% of the cost to pay the cost of cooperation in the village of utilities and labor costs, the remaining more than 8000 yuan to all poor households. This concentration of farming greatly reduces labor costs, so that poor households directly benefit.

bandicoot large meat, fur thick soft, has high economic value and medicinal value. Dazhu mountain Rhizomys aquaculture cooperatives responsible to Chu Ping: "1 pounds of Rhizomys costs around 20 dollars, and now the market price to sell 60 to 70 dollars a pound. If you like a seed, only about weighing about a half kilogram rhizomyidae, can now be sold for 180 dollars."

"to provide technical guidance and sales channels of cooperatives, to solve all the problems we encountered in aquaculture farmers may, labor peace, peace to make money, not to the village and government trouble, rely on their own labor out of poverty more glorious!" This year to join the cooperatives in the village of the poor Shu Xianghua said.

entrepreneurship in the current environment has been common, through entrepreneurship to get out of poverty, each region wants to combine their own reality, to develop a reasonable organizational entrepreneurial goals. The cooperatives by providing technical advice and sales channels to the villagers, 8 have already helped the poor to start farming at home. See the benefits brought by local cooperatives, many poor households are also eager to have considered to achieve poverty through breeding rhizomys.

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Fortune self heating floor market sales – how wonderful

floor, in our lives, has been a very hot choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the blessing from the floor heat is a very wise choice. How about the self heating floor? In the home market, not only has a high popularity, joined the blessing from the hot floor project is still very choice!

blessing from the hot floor off buying frenzy. The traditional floor, unable to meet people’s needs for heating in winter, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the requirements of the floor has been not just a decoration, people want to keep cool at the same time but also has temperature. Blessing from the multi function of the hot floor is bound to set off buying frenzy, detonated a new round of wealth storm.

blessing from the hot floor, as a self heating floor of the series of products, self made nano carbon ink refining process chip, with a strong one-way conductivity and heat, to a large extent, the conversion of electrical energy into heat. High tech products from the floor, with a "floor + heating + health" three effects of unity, creating a new way of winter cold.

blessing from the hot floor is the use of new health and environmental protection materials, for the human body without any harm, even with the vast number of consumers who are pro skin, but also very healthy. Blessing from the hot floor of a wide range of any selection, (conventional series, solid wood from the hot series, strengthen the self heating series, ceramic self heating series) covering the whole line of consumption, the trend of high quality life, in the blessing.

blessing from the hot floor? The selection of high-quality flooring projects, is the best choice for our quality of life. For entrepreneurs, the choice of a good project, no doubt, is a very good project. So, what are you hesitating about?