June 7th college entrance examination

In April 16th, "Qinghai province in 2015 the ordinary higher school enrollment," implementation rules "in 2015 in Qinghai province college entrance examination examination of" rules for the simultaneous introduction, combined with the province to determine the province in 2015 college entrance examination and enrollment policies.

province in 2015 college entrance examination form and subject

college entrance examination is a unified national examination. Our province to take "3+x" examination method ("3" for language, mathematics, foreign language, "X" for liberal arts comprehensive or science comprehensive.

foreign language divided into English, Russia, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, six languages, by the candidates of any kind.

Province, the Ministry of education unified examination questions, the new curriculum program. Examination subjects and scores are as follows:


* which candidates can enjoy extra points, priority admission policy – marking the completion of the score after the completion of the college entrance examination scores – some key provisions of the candidates to know

(on the A01 version) literature and history of Chinese language, mathematics (text), foreign language, liberal arts integration (political, historical, geographical volume).

science and Engineering Chinese, mathematics (Science), foreign language, Science (Physics, chemistry, biology).

language, mathematics, foreign language each branch out of 150 points, liberal arts, science comprehensive score of each for the 300 points.

counterparts from the province of Higher Vocational proposition, test subjects for language, mathematics, English, each branch out of 150 points.

apply for art, sports class (secondary, vocational school, technical school) graduates, such as professional examination is not qualified, cultural courses in accordance with the layout of Higher Vocational education.

"MKM" Tibetan Chinese bilingual, Mongolian two. Two candidates of national hankao (MHK) by the Ministry of education proposition, system volume, marking, out of 150 points.

Tibetan and Chinese bilingual candidates

mathematics, integrated subjects to provide Tibetan, Chinese test questions, candidates choose to use the Tibetan or Chinese answer; Tibetan language by the province of life, out of 150 points, with Tibetan answer.

Mongolian examinee besides foreign language, ethnic Chinese (MHK three), the rest of the subjects for the whole test with Mongolian, Mongolian answer.

these candidates can enjoy extra points, priority admission policy

is not recognized in Hong Kong and Macao College Admission points, according to the actual test scores toudang.

– one of the following circumstances of the candidates, may be appropriate to increase the scores Toudang candidates exam results based on a review by the university to decide whether to admit. The same as with a number of candidates plus Toudang conditions, can only take the item with the highest score.

1. returned overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese children, Taiwan provincial candidates Toudang, an increase of 10.

2. children of martyrs increased 20 toudang.

3. for more than 15 years of continuous work in pastoral areas, is still working in the pastoral areas of the Han cadres and children of migrant workers and the children of the Han nationality in the World Habitat, the account in the local;

Henan provincial inspection teams to patrol feedback 9 units

in order to further let us clean and honest style, many local governments have carried out a series of activities to conduct inspections. Currently, the Henan provincial inspection teams visited a total of 29 companies and 1 colleges and universities, for which the unit gave a patrol feedback 9.

2016 in the first round of inspections has recently officially ended, the provincial 10 inspection teams to the provincial Commission Office and other 29 provincial units and 1 provincial universities a total of 30 units conducted a special inspection.

according to the provincial Commission for discipline inspection official WeChat breeze Central News, according to the provincial unified deployment, from May 24th to 30, the provincial 10 inspection teams to the provincial Commission Office and other 30 first round of this year’s special patrol unit the feedback of the inspection situation. Today, this newspaper published on the provincial inspection teams to patrol feedback 9 units.

provincial human resources and Social Security Department of the existence of the phenomenon of rent-seeking power

the implementation of human resources and social security policies, there are alternatives, discounts and other issues. Violation of discipline, there are cadres at county level, with serious violations of falsifying institutions and other issues. There is the phenomenon of the abuse of power, the social security fund bank selection of state-owned asset disposal authority seeks profit. In the social security fund management, state-owned assets supervision, the use of special funds and human resources and infrastructure management there is a greater risk of integrity.

party secretary, director Liu Shiwei said, in strict accordance with the inspection rectification requirements, conscientiously implement the comprehensive strictly, to further implement the "two responsibilities", pay more attention to the cure, focusing on prevention, focusing on the system construction. Strengthen the Party style construction, efforts to create cadres honest, clean and clear style political and social institutions.

[shengfupinban] individual unit Juzhu serious violations of financial

do not pay enough attention to the construction of a clean government, management and administration of the party lost in the loose soft. The project is not strict audit, do not meet the conditions of enterprises to become the financial discount or poverty alleviation object, resulting in the loss of funds for poverty alleviation. In the implementation of the central provincial Party Committee on the precise poverty relief requirements there are gaps, and some are not in place. Financial management is not strict, serious violations of individual operating units of financial revenue and expenditure. Violation of the eight provisions of the spirit of the problem still exists.

party secretary, director Zhang Jijing said that the rectification task decomposition layers, a clear responsibility department, responsible person and the completion time, the establishment and implementation of the rectification and cancellation system, feedback on the issue of classification summary, by combing classified content, clear rectification, rectification goals, responsible units and the rectification period, strengthen tracking supervision. Do a catch in the end, to ensure effectiveness.


] the Provincial Association for science and technology hair allowance, illegal part-time reward

< recommended

How to get home to become a migrant workers willing to take the road

home business become a recent period of time at all levels of government has been calling for the slogan, hoping to leave more migrant workers during the Spring Festival to participate in home construction, and find suitable for their own business development road in front of the house.

for migrant workers brothers, employment is not only related to their livelihood, but also the relationship between their dignity. In the context of the times, the public business innovation, encourage and guide more migrant workers returning home for business, not only help to alleviate the overcrowding due to a part of metropolis brought the "city disease", to avoid the "elderly" and "left-behind children" problem. It can be said, to encourage the return of migrant workers entrepreneurship, promote social harmony and civilization is undoubtedly a dose of medicine".

broad farmer friend has so many qualities. They love labour, willing to endure hardship, we believe that as long as they can provide opportunities for them to build a platform, not only, there will be more and more migrant workers friends the corresponding government called on the home business, and they will make a difference in the venture on the road.

related recommendations

Yang Fengchun in charge of the mouth of the special inspection of production safety should be put in

12 2, vice governor Yang Fengchun went to the provincial government organs Logistics Service Center, boiler room, authorities kindergarten, office of the provincial government car team, the provincial government jingweilian, provincial government administrative services and public resources trading center special safety inspection.

Yang Fengchun pointed out that the office of each department and unit of Fengcheng power plant in Jiangxi to learn profound major accidents lessons, conscientiously implement the wangguosheng secretary and governor Hao Peng instructions spirit, firmly establish the "hidden danger of accident is" concept, always tighten the string of safety, the production safety red really engraved in my heart.

Yang Fengchun, the end of the year safety hazard is more prominent, the office of all departments and units should pay close attention to the organization to carry out safety inspections on key links and key parts, strengthen the safety patrol duty system, compaction responsibility for production safety, strengthen the weak links, plug up all loopholes, thorough investigation of various types of risks, prevention and cure catch catch, identify problems and timely rectification, to prevent all kinds of accidents. To do a good job in advance a variety of security plans to minimize the loss of accidents, to ensure the safety of the people’s lives and property.


Xining City, built a model of electronic supervision of drug management Street

In June 10th, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, Xining city in the implementation of the national basic medicine and Western retail pharmacy electronic supervision on the built bridge street drug electronic supervision demonstration street. It will also establish responsibility for security management behavior of drug retail units traceability system, improve the comprehensive utilization degree of regulatory resources, strengthen the supervision of the level of quality and safety of drugs, to explore new paths for the Xining City Drug electronic supervision management.

demonstration Street electronic supervision system through drug retail enterprises timely upload electronic monitoring data, timely access to information, traffic flow, inventory management status, network control of drugs, whether real-time monitoring of pharmacy practice visits, there is no phenomenon of ephedrine as the counter person sales, pharmacist whether post, prescription drugs are prescribed sales and so on, and through the electronic supervision code seized the sale of counterfeit drugs.

Three industry is Wei Jian Ying seized the weak link

the afternoon of May 13th, vice mayor Tong Wang, accompanied by responsible person in the city Chuangwei, health, urban management, business and other departments, the city National Sanitation City Ying review work supervision, focus on our city public places, three environmental sanitation industry. Tong Wang asked the relevant departments to supervise the public health city daily cleaning, package chip package, the responsibility to the people, found that the problem will focus on remediation, Chuangwei work normalization.

on the same day, Tong Wang and his entourage went east area of Huang River Road, Nanshan Road extension, north area of Qaidam, Xiang Jian Nan Xiang Bridge market, to examine the health outcomes in public places in the city to rebound phenomenon. Inspection found that some small industry practitioners missing documents, according to the requirements of clothing store, disinfection facilities, public places, the market for daily cleaning is not in place, there are dead garbage dumps, in some areas there is no time to clean up.

Tong Wang pointed out that since the Xining city to carry out sanitation work, through unremitting efforts, the people health consciousness obvious enhancement, the city infrastructure has been significantly improved, good sanitation work atmosphere has been fully formed. But for now Wei Jian Ying seized problems in all regions and departments should continue to focus on breakthrough, to promote the overall idea of Chuangwei work ", establish and launch Chuangwei demonstration, demonstration to lead the way, the overall advancement of the work, carry out comprehensive push Wei Jian welcome inspection work, the final the formation of the city everywhere is the demonstration of the situation. At the same time, to continue to increase the establishment of welcome inspection work supervision and inspection efforts, establish a scientific evaluation mechanism in the supervision, supervision and inspection in seeking truth from facts, dare to touch, to be exposed, and timely tracking supervision of the masses of hot and difficult issues of concern, to ensure the construction of Wei Ying seized the work tasks. (reporter Xu Shunkai)


Xining City Health Bureau to ensure that the examination of the candidates to ensure the safety of f

May 26th, the college entrance examination for a month in 2010 in Xining city during the period of food and public health and safety special rectification action in full swing, occurrence of collective food poisoning and food hygiene to prevent security incidents during the examination.

this special action will be in Xining, all secondary school canteens, food and beverage industry around the test center, boarding school dormitory, campus surrounding hotels and other public places. Focus on examination of catering units in accordance with the food service permit scope to carry out business activities; whether the employees hold a health certificate, the production process whether meet the requirements of health and food raw materials certificate and invoice, tableware disinfection, anti fly, dustproof and prevention facilities, colddishes health protection and other facilities; resolutely and without increasing the illegal behavior of cold dishes and other business projects; strengthen the supervision of the school canteen, focus on examination of the main and non-staple food warehouse ventilation, rats, cockroaches control, food raw materials purchasing channels, registration, placement and fresh raw materials the extent of the situation, the school is prohibited purchase to use "three noes" of food, expired spoiled food and beans etc. easy to cause food poisoning of raw materials; supervise the boarding school accommodation good ventilation and elimination, kill and destroy "and other related work To increase the intensity of supervision; providing lodging in public places on the school and test centers around the hotel, etc., all households must be public with disinfection, one guest accommodation environment clean and tidy and well ventilated.

from June 7th to 9, from June 24th to 26, the health supervision departments at all levels will also be transferred to the area around the examination center for food safety and food hygiene inspection of public places.


Visit the province 12th Five-Year economic and social development achievements exhibition

8 16 afternoon, the provincial Party committee to participate in the twelve plenary session of the provincial people’s Congress came to visit the province in 12th Five-Year, economic and social development achievements exhibition in.

exhibition is divided into "building national ecological security barrier" to promote the sustained and healthy economic development "and" improve people’s livelihood and well-being of people of all nationalities "in three parts. Under the guidance of the instructors, participants through pictures, text, video and other forms, a comprehensive understanding of the province in 12th Five-Year during the struggle and economic and social development achieved fruitful results.

participants all the way to see, all the way to listen, all the way, all the way Hi, praised the great potential for development in Qinghai. Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Qilian county Party Secretary Han Xianghui joy shows between the lines! Over the past 5 years, the province’s construction of ecological civilization ahead of the overall progress, the main function, the layout of the space is constantly optimized, ecological strategic status has become increasingly prominent. I believe that under the leadership of the provincial Party committee and government, ‘Qinghai blue, highland green, clear rivers’ must be able to become the province’s people’s green welfare." Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission deputy director Li Xiaosong said, at present, our province enterprise independent innovation ability is weak, the emerging industry is still in the initial stage, the twelve plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee focus on the work of the deployment of the province’s science and technology innovation. Go back to the future must take the lead to study and understand the spirit of the meeting, broaden their horizons, to grasp the pulse of the times, "13th Five-Year" period of industrial economy of our province to a new level and contribute to the transformation and upgrading.


Xining Municipal Committee to expand the meeting to enhance the sense of responsibility sense of urg

The afternoon of December 7th, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee (Party Central study group) enlarged meeting to convey learning seriously the poverty alleviation work conference and the twelve session of the ninety-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee of Xining city spirit, and implement the measures.

on deepening reform of the overall work, meeting the requirements of a municipal leadership responsibility and the county, municipal departments in charge to in accordance with the "four clear" requirement, the control list of responsibilities and tasks of accounting, to ensure that the reform tasks and measures of responsibility ground; two is to improve the reform of quality; the three is to strengthen supervision accountability; four is to further reform plan next year.  

The implementation of the t service 15 minutes convenient service circle show scale

from door to door service to the community residents, staff work initiative, Xining city community service has been in continuous innovation, launched a number of convenience, Huimin policy, community service truly integrated into all aspects of people’s lives. November 25th, the reporter learned that, as of now, Xining has invested 140 million yuan, the implementation of the integrated service center project of the town of the city of the city, the city’s 102 communities have been fully completed and the implementation of a cabinet service model (). Such a change, so that residents to reduce the number of things running back and forth, a lot of things can be done within 15 minutes.

took the lead in Xining to open a box of community services in the Eastern District of the community, in two months time has accumulated a lot of experience. Community service from the "indirect" to "direct" to facilitate the masses, improve the efficiency of the autonomy of the neighborhood committee has been effectively strengthened. It is reported that the Eastern Community in accordance with the creation of 15 minutes convenient service circle ideas, re meshing the grid, equipped with grid administrators, and actively innovate the carrier and the way to serve the masses. Such as mutual Road community, the implementation of double joint video liberating ", let the people in the community will be able to reflect the problem related to the higher authorities; Zhou Jia Quan community vigorously carry out the" 3456 "method, namely" three service satisfaction ", the residents of the masses satisfaction, satisfaction, staff satisfaction unit Party organizations;" four in place ", Party members something must be in place, Party loving warmth in place, party activity in place, members suggested the feedback in place; the truth of" five services ", full service work is wrong, the sick and the generation of active service, door-to-door delivery service, volunteer service organizations offer, total service; and" six "," a smile, "" a greeting, a cup of tea "," patience "and" passion "and" advice ", to improve the service level of the masses. "Every community in the implementation of" a cabinet "service, in accordance with their own actual, according to the needs of residents, provide special service for the community, residents have comments or suggestions can be made at any time, so that we can better solve." Xining Civil Affairs Bureau staff said.