Children’s market to open children’s clothing store to learn these skills

two child policy to put a wide range of broadband moving a lot of industry development, we are concerned about the children’s market, including children’s clothing is also looking to join the project. Children’s clothing store to open up to learn more about some business skills, so shop will be more peace of mind. Now we look at the children’s clothing store operations need to pay attention to what.

1, a children’s clothing store, compared with other children’s clothing store, the price is very low, so do not adhere to the principle of customer bargaining, psychology is, you make money, he will want more next time, if the next time you to let a little, and that for the first time suffer. Let all the people are accustomed to your children’s clothing store is not bargain, we naturally will not counter-offer. At the same time not bargaining can be easily management of staff, so as to avoid the bad quality of children’s clothing clerk to customers from their difference on.

2, treat customers into the store, not pushy, but not indifferent, if the children’s clothing store picked up a piece of children’s clothing to see before and after, can let him try, and can recommend a similar style for his choices, then the requirements of children’s clothing store sales have some experience, can not be self defeating.

3, a group to enter the children’s clothing store customers, this business often make less, because too, eyes are not necessarily the same, not dispute children’s clothing is not really is not suitable to do the best two people together business, because two people are generally good friends, like in nature are the same, and the so-called class club.

4, a children’s clothing shop for old customers, especially some old customers often help you in business, some customers as long as a phone that is available from more than a dozen kilometers away to, if you insist on not bargaining principle which will not work, can offer customers. But in the children’s clothing store reception of these old customers themselves must present, talk to customers as friends, they give you in your children’s clothing store will also pull business, with new store customers say, to pull business for you.

There are a lot of children’s clothing stores



Enjoy the fruit of imperial square Roasted Duck joined the easy money

food and beverage to join the project, has been a very hot brand to join the project, is also a very choice of business opportunities. So, small business to choose to join and enjoy the imperial square Roasted Duck fruit? Good market opportunities, entrepreneurial worry free. Moreover, small business choose to join and enjoy the imperial square fruit Roasted Duck project, an open their own music to enjoy the imperial square Roasted Duck fruit stores, the shop is made!

enjoy the imperial square fruit Roasted Duck won the master pass, called the domestic Roasted Duck industry pioneer, unique secret recipe and no one can. Enjoy the imperial square fruit Roasted Duck low fat, high protein content, rich variety of beneficial vitamins, long-term edible can nourish kidney, spleen and stomach, is the rare green health food. Enjoy the imperial square not only delicious fruit Roasted Duck mellow and convenient food, do not need any additional ingredients, and can be eaten, the diet suitable for the fast-paced modern society.

enjoy the imperial square fruit Roasted Duck, from Taiwan from the birth of delicacy, with its unique flavor, outer Giori tender, smooth texture features of popular throughout Shanghai, set off a wave of drunken duck. Both men and women, old and young housewives or high streets and back lanes, and some white-collar workers, a stop, some come here, even in the store door waiting in a queue can not bear to miss such a delicacy.

enjoy the imperial room Roasted Duck fruit?

single tens of millions of investment, two people will be able to operate for seven days to start, small investment, quick returns. Do not need advertising, do not need luxury decoration, just hard work real profiteering industry. Enjoy the fruit Roasted Duck imperial square brand, the national trademark registration, wide influence, All the world knows. Roasted Duck product operation experience for many years, the duck industry well-known brands, in the hearts of the people have formed a good reputation, can quickly gather popularity, bring wealth.

brand food to join the project, in our lives, has been a very hot choice. The quality of entrepreneurial projects, to choose to join and enjoy the imperial square Roasted Duck fruit? Good project, a good opportunity not to be missed!

Arts and crafts to join the project list you know

is now investing in the arts and crafts projects, open a more distinctive store, is also a very good choice, but how to choose the right project? Xiao Bian recommended here in the arts and crafts to join the project, for your reference, I hope to help you.

1. tripod source ceramic crafts

Dingyuan ceramic crafts combined with modern technology to design unique traditional culture art design style and innovative and personalized, the characteristics of the methods, the main products are: blue and white porcelain / red porcelain pen, true blue and white porcelain / red porcelain really U disk, mouse pad, blue and white porcelain blue and white porcelain Keychain red, blue and white porcelain / porcelain glaze colors really suits, cups, cups, cups, the boss under glaze thin cup set and a series of craft gifts, products are mainly targeted at business gifts, conference gifts, promotional gifts, gifts and other series of celebration purposes.

Dingyuan an annual average of dozens of design and development of new products,   the company by the sincere service, reasonable price, excellent products and good reputation, favored by domestic and foreign customers and praise, and has become the preferred brand dealers at home and abroad.


wood crafts Xiangge

in the management, the company enacted quality objectives, quality policy, accountability, hard work; ensure the products can be guaranteed in the production, installation, service and security. The company will achieve modernization, human, network management, the implementation of clean workshop, and strive to develop into a large cultural enterprises. Ensure the efficient operation of the company management system.

3. stone carving arts and crafts

brand can put forward 360 fusion service, a powerful natural enterprise and related behind it. As we stone art stone carving handicraft company, Yunfu city people Stone Technology Co. Ltd is a company dedicated to the development of stone products, stone brand innovation, to product market standardization channels of new enterprise. Company set mining, product production, marketing and engineering business cooperation in one, has now created 4 self agencies, the development of the top 6 product line results, while with a registered patent of 2 and the creation of the brand of the 2.

into more Zen culture in all kinds of stone, let more consumers to fully appreciate the Zen culture. All stone art stone carving handicraft stone as China innovative gifts, tea, incense, Zen Zen culture in one of the brand, the Zen Zen Hui Neng’s show to all kinds of stone products wit image. A little thing, a thousand fun flavor, tea ceremony Zen includes the industry’s small business opportunities to make money, recommend. "

How to join the Obama Hot pot tunnel

makes every kind of the catering market hot Hot pot Hot pot in the food and beverage industry brands dominate the martial arts, especially the Korean Hot pot which is a Hot pot to join the project, but also very popular with consumers, more impress investors.

Dong Obama Korean Han Feng Han Hot pot flavor, taste authentic in from South Korea native China + local diet recipes, taste of the product be made one of more than and 30 Chinese herbs, core sauce stew, nourishing health, beauty, health and. 2-3 minutes out of meals, increase over Taiwan, the package, improve sales attendant is the chef, transparent operation, cost saving, good assured and interesting. Pot 3 pot together, taste good, novel style, a very substantial profit dining model novel, a pot of two to eat, stew to eat, rinse to eat, how to eat are delicious to eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, how to eat, how to eat, how to eat, how to eat, how to eat, how to eat, how to eat, how to eat is delicious.

Dong Obama Korean Hot pot unique Korean style, with half of the country are changeable combination and unique taste to occupy the catering market rapidly, has become a national one. Selection of high-quality pot tripe, seafood, rice cake main ingredients, natural spices with stew soup, featured in season vegetables, fresh fish, mushrooms, beans, seaweed and main ingredients together with the small fire to simmer, thick soup, delicious taste and chewy. So how to join Obama Myungdong? What are the conditions for joining



Hot pot Myeongdong Obama

before opening:

1, examining the scene: by the consultant’s representative at headquarters, tasting and Obama series delicacy Myeongdong guide.

2, determine the business district: special help site selection and evaluation.

3, decoration design: according to the different values of the decoration of the location and design.

4, material design: wall paintings, light boxes, menu image image window stickers, posters, promotional materials and other terminal dm.


1, operational guidance: to provide a set of store management manual, to solve the practical problems of restaurant operations.

2, training support: Grassroots staff in-depth and detailed combat training, strengthen the practical ability of the team.

3, marketing Customization: depth analysis of local customer base, the development of the corresponding business plan.

4, standard distribution: to provide a sound financial system and sauces, equipment, tableware, clothing, promotional materials, such as supply, standardize the restaurant, Invoicing process.


Hot pot joining conditions: Korean Obama

Focus most of the start-up companies fall in Zhengzhou

in the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the call, a lot of people with lofty ideals to start their own business plan, not only spend a lot of their own time, but also spent more money. "Low tide, before we know who is swimming naked." Today, the phrase used in the start-up companies who fit. Capital and the market has been widely sought after start-up companies, after experiencing the cold winter began to cool, death. Even once the scenery of the star company, but also in the "winter" quietly fell.

Zhengzhou multi-creation space responsible person told the reporter, today’s start-up companies can be divided into three categories: the entrepreneurial success of enterprises less than 2%, the death of enterprises accounted for the vast majority, there is a part for zombie companies".


a large number of start-up companies die

compared with the emergence of entrepreneurship last year, the most obvious feature of this year is the entrepreneurial company experienced a collapse.

reporter visited by a large number of public record space found a phenomenon, the public record space is like a big plate, and the entrepreneur is running the soldiers, for a batch after batch.

crab bank is a community platform for college students to enable students to obtain employment skills in school, after graduation can successfully find a job. Its positioning is to do a connection campus elite talent and outstanding entrepreneurs, the elite of the elite high-end resource docking, equal dialogue platform.

first, the project investment in the town settled in the cloud (when called hey Ma Hui), was great hope, after all, college students employment difficult due to lack of core skills but also the years of pain, the market potential is great, its founder, also in a number of public projects.

however, in the first half of this year, due to funding strand breaks and other reasons, the project declared bankrupt.

the same example. Last year, Zhongcheng science and technology business incubator incubator has a named "House Commission" of the O2O business project. As the name suggests, this project is to Indoorsman Indoorswoman intimate with, online orders, homes, home delivery.

in order to do a good job in this project, the project team organized a number of investment opportunities, however, has yet to achieve the desired results.

a person in charge of the creation of space to reporters to provide them with a list of more than and 100 incubators, of which more than half of the enterprises have been identified dead.

"there is a part of the enterprise, half-dead, zombie like teeth." The negative recommendation

Anhui university innovation and entrepreneurship alliance was formally established

in order to ignite people’s entrepreneurial passion, each university in Anhui Province set up a joint venture to make innovation alliance, Anhui province has formed the strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, the alliance can improve the students’ innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ability.

ignite passion, flying dream of success. The day before, colleges of higher occupation of Anhui Province, Anhui Finance & Trade Vocational College, Anhui Lvhai Vocational College of Business, Anhui Business Vocational College, Career Academy, Anhui by Hefei science and technology Career Academy jointly launched the (Shang Ke) innovation alliance was formally established.

"double alliance" of the five main sponsor issued a proposal to the higher occupation school to college with his brother and the community together, to explore the depth of morality education as the fundamental value of shape, ability and knowledge "three-in-one" mode of education. Promote innovation, innovation, entrepreneurship, three creative integration of innovative entrepreneurship education, stimulate and nurture students’ pioneering spirit, entrepreneurship and innovation and entrepreneurship.


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Famous cosmetics discount store market should not be mixed investment

indeed, now almost no one women do not use cosmetics, is male, also began using a variety of skin care products, which led to the entire cosmetics market is increasing, so many businesses have begun to look at the market, famous cosmetics store was many people’s choice of business. However, the market is too mixed, it is not suitable for investment.

in fact, the analysis as the famous cosmetics discount store is indeed a market, but because the market is too complex, that leads to cannot stay in business, if you really want to make a career in this industry, the premise is to find suppliers, then your cosmetics must be carried out very smoothly!

Five major brand stationery recommendation

children’s learning can not be separated from this toy, although the market is not so popular clothing market, but also a long industry. Xiao Bian today recommended five major brands of stationery, to provide investors with a rich reference.


true color stationery

true color stationery in 2001 after consecutive years won the "China ten stationery brand", "China pen king", in December 31, 2004, Beijing China released Chinese most valuable brand research report, true color stationery stationery industry as the only brand to 856 million yuan brand value list "in 2004 Chinese’s most valuable brand and selected the 2004 annual" Chinese ten new brand".

2, child prodigy stationery

godling Tong please South Korea Animation Master jointly created a "small child prodigy" image, the image of lovely, cool fashion, the cartoon introduction of student stationery, breaking the monopoly of foreign cartoon, let the students have more choice and independent brand.

Xiaoshentong strict product design, the annual regular hand to Tokyo, Seoul, Hongkong and other places to collect the latest student appliance samples, absorbing the international student stationery and design essence, into practical and beautiful one, instead of blindly pursuing toy stationery, into a healthy wind for Chinese student stationery.

3, Chenguang stationery

brand building, the creative spirit has been integrated into the brand blood, become the core brand value; social contributions, dawn to help everyone achieve creative dreams "as its mission, to assume more social responsibility; marketing, a straightforward Chenguang stationery industry first, always stand in the forefront of the wave of creative marketing.

Chenguang stationery industry to establish in the one and only recommended

What are the steps in franchise shop early

development is more and more attention to parents, want their children to have a good future, therefore, more and more parents choose for their children a good education franchise, early education industry with good market prospects, start early stores is very promising, but you really know how to shop? Xiao Bian today to talk about the first step in the opening of the first store, the preparatory work shop.

second steps: the preparation of funds. However, all the investment needs of funds, investment in early education involves all aspects of the project cost, so the amount of investment is certainly not a small number. So we should be cautious, make every penny worth. Early enrollment in the selection of investors to join the brand, and then to solve the problem is to raise funds. If you want to run, then the demand for funds will be relatively large. For beginners to join the early childhood education program, the insurance is the most recommended starting from the product to join, and then consider the further transformation of the school. At present, many domestic first-line early institutions in terms of product agents are very low threshold.

The third step:

fourth steps: quality of service. To feed early stores is actually buy services, especially in the fierce market competition era, the survival of the fittest demand diversification, specialization degree is more and more obvious, the investors are both opportunities and challenges, to provide additional services in all aspects. Similarly, consumers are paying more and more attention to the services provided. To reduce the risk of entrepreneurs, access to the interests of the headquarters will undoubtedly provide humane quality services, in order to avoid detours.

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Liu Guokai start selling steel wool

if everyone is thinking of employment, I am afraid that the competitive pressure of the job market will be very large, therefore, under the employment needs, naturally also need people to enter the entrepreneurial market. After all, employment is the livelihood of the people, entrepreneurship is the source of employment. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand the entrepreneurial story of Liu Guokai.

glued to the market gap

roar, the machine constantly spit out a thin wire, such as hair.

8, general manager of Ezhou Liangzi Lake, Baofeng metal products Co., cotton Liu Guokai showed reporters his live years of baby – wire cotton. It was as soft as cotton, steel wire like tenacious, is vividly called "iron cotton", widely used in automobile manufacturing, household cleaning, jewelry polishing and other fields, is also popular in the photography circle "steel" protagonist.


first engineer in Wuhan Iron and steel company in Guangzhou after the work of metal products, Liu Guokai has a keen sense of metal. In 2000, he received a friend from the United States to send a bundle of steel wool, amazed,.

after market research, Liu Guokai found that the international market, "hot" in the domestic production and processing enterprises. Market gap is the opportunity, others use steel wire production car brake pads, Liu Guokai layout clean market, the development of disposable soap block.

2006, with his excitement, Liu Guokai returned to haunt their birth – Liangzi Lake and began the arduous pioneering journey.

quality can not be almost

started early, Liu Guokai almost every day to stay in the workshop, from the steel out of cotton, from forming soap to packaging, hands-on. "There is no such thing as saying anything." This is Liu Guokai’s demand for the quality of the product.

2015 in March, took place in the packaging workshop, became an unforgettable lesson for all employees.

at that time, a wholesale to Japan’s products will be boxed, Liu Guokai cheery picked up a package of appreciation, but found that the packaging is not tight seal. A packet is like this, the two package is still like this.

Liu Guokai heart a tight, the quality of the bag out of the question! This means that the product in transit, is likely to damp rust.

5 million bags of products, piled up in the workshop, forming a hill.

"must be reloaded!" Liuguojian