Liu Xiaoguang Robin Li had refused to catch again on Google

business for 14 years, 2011 revenue of 150 million yuan, cultivating Internet marketing

financial weekly newspaper reporter Wang Xiaomei / text

if 10 years ago, Liu Xiaoguang did not refuse to send the door to Robin Li, maybe he will be in the history of the Internet with a thick and heavy in colours. Unfortunately, history can not be repeated, he was destined to be a dramatic entrepreneur.

"I studied Buddhism, of Inamori Kazuo, and of Wang Yangming’s mind, including the" University ", this year I thought grow very fast, basically changed my world outlook and outlook on life, constructs the philosophy system and method on my own." Liu Xiaoguang smiled, it seems urgent to share the results of recent studies of ideas and people, a black tunic collar echoed the traditional inner temperament.

14 years for an Internet start-up companies, revenue reached $150 million, seems to be a bit slow, but Liu Xiaoguang’s favorite is small and beautiful, the company. Two business failures of Liu Xiaoguang eventually borrowed 20 thousand yuan from relatives rushed to create network, around the "Internet marketing experts" a snowball into intensive and meticulous farming, this year reached 350 employees in small and medium-sized enterprise scale, attention to the field of Internet marketing, after the Alibaba and Hui Cong.

as the first batch of Internet entrepreneurs, Liu Xiaoguang witnessed the Internet bubble, also witnessed the Internet frenzy. He once refused a supercilious and self-conceited "climate Robin Li, regret so far; and has struggled to win; Google, he and Zhou Hongyi are 3721 authentic, almost was the acquisition of the good Lord Zhu Hailong in one hundred million. The most let him heartache is the beginning of the year he had trusted partners with a number of key to the opponent, the provincial business channel was a fatal blow, but the entire group suffered personnel turbulence, from 700 people plunged to 350.

, however, Liu Xiaoguang is pleased in these efforts. He found their own management philosophy — the conscience, and his business model from wanjiebubao Wang Shi turned to gaze toward the Buddha Inamori Kazuo.

Liu Xiaoguang now have little say in the specific management of the company, more like a preacher, he will be in the bottom of building a solid base to.

internal Entrepreneurship Program

I take out all my resources to help you, we together to form a joint force.


rushed just experienced severe personnel turmoil, the original 700 was restructured as a team of 350 people, but at the bottom of the Liu Xiaoguang and did not imagine the frustration, he admits that hearty optimism seems to be more of a generous spirit of buddhism.

Liu Xiaoguang came to the office every morning, the first thing is to open the computer, waiting for the boot time, he will personally for office watering flowers, feeding goldfish in the pool, and occasionally use a hand to touch.

Let the site’s users to pay attention to your site advertising

online advertising first to understand some of the terms:

BANNER (advertising banners): a performance of the content of the advertising business picture, placed on the advertiser’s page, usually the size of 468*68, often made animation.

LOGO (icon): usually used to advertise a merchant’s trademark or logo, usually 81*33.

CPM (COSTPERTHOUSAND, access fee per thousand people): according to the access fee has become the practice of Internet advertising. At present, each international CPM charges ranging from $20 to $80.

CLICKS (hits): every time a visitor clicks on the banner ad to visit a merchant web page, click on the. The number of clicks can objectively and accurately reflect the effectiveness of advertising.

CLICKSRATIO (hit rate): is a sign of advertising appeal. If this page appears ten thousand times, and the number of clicks on the web page for five hundred times, then click rate is 5%.

IMPRESSION (the number of times): the number of pages visited. The statistics on the COUNTER (counter) is the IMPRESSION of the page.

PORTALPAGE (click on the page after the AD): usually this page is not the home page of the merchant site, but for the re design of the contents of the page.

PAGEVIEWS (integrated views): the total number of pages visited by the web site. A visitor is likely to create more than a dozen or more PAGEVIEWS.

UNIQUEHOST (independent visitors): because each visitor has can produce more PAGEVIEWS, and visitors to refresh the page will also make the IMPRESSION number increasing, so PAGEVIEWS or IMPRESSION can accurately show the total number of web sites. Typically, each visitor will come from a different address, called a different IP. Independent visitors will come from the same IP visitors as the same person, so as to get a more accurate number of visitors. Figures provided by the NetEase Chinese charts provide statistics that are UNIQUEHOST.

visits are normally published on the website are PAGEVIEWS or IMPRESSION, PAGEVIEWS is IMPRESSION times, and IMPRESSION will be much higher than UNIQUEHOST.

The following are nine tips for online advertising:

a, the top of the page better than below.

statistics show that many visitors do not want to drag the scroll bar to get the content, and put on the top of the page and the bottom of the page can be obtained by the click rate

Silicon Valley investors are flocking to the upstart funny website 9GAG

9GAG, a social networking site with funny funny pictures, cartoons and other Internet humor for content and rapid development, today announced a $2 million 800 thousand financing.

there is a concern down mainly from what big Silicon Valley investors, because there are a lot like Reddit and 4chan at sites like 9GAG, said it is copied from their content. Of course, Reddit and 4chan have no traditional investment opportunities.

to participate in this round of financing is not only a venture capital company Freestyle Capital, True Ventures, 500 Startups, First Round Capital, Greycroft Partners, and Scott Chris as angel investment Banister, Sacca, David Tisch, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ben Ling, Karl Jacob, James Hong, Philip Kaplan and so on.

In addition

, 9GAG today for the website funny content also released the latest version of the iOS mobile app, Android version of the application will be launched later this year.

, the company behind the interesting site, said the latest funding will be used to increase manpower, expand the international market and meet the growing community.

Why is

so a team from Hongkong founded the jokes and humour website can attract so many Silicon Valley investors? 9GAG started in 2008, since the line appeared explosive growth, has been developed for the month independent visitors more than 70 million passengers, more shocking is that there are more than one billion pageviews per month. An important factor in the success of social sharing, the company said there are more than five million times a month Facebook share and nearly one million followers Twitter.

there is no doubt that the mobile client experience is as good as its website: there are a lot of funny photos and videos, you can easily share these photos and videos with friends.

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clear advantages of advertising

the jar you estimate is weakness

I is the webmaster I will in their hair and then go to Post Bar music news propaganda propaganda methods. Of course you fix. I am not here


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Rookie on the image of the station advertising alliance


made a small picture, they do not understand the profit model, to sell and sell, so I spent some time looking at the other picture station advertising, learning, sharing with you now. The League did not order First impressions are strongest. alliance. Google Adsense in the picture on the station is not a lot, but there are still some stations will be put. The picture is on the main station of Firefox extension, a temptation to page, do a temptation connection, do Firefox or a good picture station.


also do a Firefox offbeat creativity, can see: I haven’t tested.

2 color alliance. MOP QIHOO popcorn six room. Advertising code is also pretty regular, temptation, deduction amount is not very serious, still can click on the price, but also by the majority of owners of the favorite pictures, many webmaster put this code, usually placed on either the upper or the lower picture page picture text.

3 download alliance. Skype uusee, the two download is the most used image station, the main usage: do a beauty temptation page, you need to download things to watch the video. Insert the real download address (but this seems to be only Skype line, uusee download need to enter the uusee page) to allow others to download, to achieve the purpose of making money.

shortcomings: the general download this seems to need to be successful in landing once, there are limitations.

4 ringtones. Ringtones needless to say, we all know. A lot of pictures are also put in a station.

5 other alliances. Q: advertising also used one of the most.

there are many such advertising pictures.


advertising itself is more temptation because Q coins to earn free coins, so most of the pictures will be placed in the advertisement stand.

friends: the same advertising advertising coins almost, the code of temptation, the price can be attractive, click.

6 Asian union. With the most popular kind of online promotion, according to IP do promotion. Seems to have a lot of places. Is also a good way to promote

7 alternative money.

monthly advertising: Security monthly advertising, but as for how to find this advertisement, I would like to ask, do not know the pictures of the station is where the monthly security.

horse: estimation is the most BS way to make money, but at the end, no way, only in this way.

Pop: the price is not high, but still can be used.

others: looking for


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Internet startups boss just need to do one thing to be successful

looked at today’s news, and said the government is how to encourage young people to entrepreneurship, reduce the tax so it makes a lot of Internet, the grassroots webmaster heart, after all for a business license can not spend a few dollars, the focus is not on the business license, but a Internet Co need to do what. The boss what to do to be successful, this is the grass root webmaster entrepreneurial mouth concern, I am here today also directly come straight to the point, one thing is done, your company must be successful. That is "cheat".

cheat investment company money


startup start-up capital to operation is very difficult, even if there is a start-up capital, over investment scam is also normal, who do not want more money, I said money is everyone in the "financing", under normal circumstances, in order to reduce their own risk, entrepreneurial companies will melt more money, while a strong financial backing is also more conducive to the development of the company. However, financing is not everyone can do, because now many investment companies are not to see your project and profit model, because you can imagine and model, may have appeared on the Internet, investment companies are generally on who is the person of his investment, if the person has a certain the influence inside the industry, will invest in natural needless to say to you, this is why startups can easily financing one of the main reasons why millions of.

cheat merchant money

we are very clear, if your project is going to earn money users, so always are minor, of course, if you want to make someone else’s money or business money, your project must have a certain influence on the industry. First of all, the peer must be aware of your presence, followed by more and more people for you, it is typical to judge a company’s influence on the internet.

cheat talent

if your organization personnel, may not in the running in period, staff character and so on to bring you in contact with my business difficulties, since so many companies, most of the elite, all with the team quit, that is to say, when you want to do a project, spend lots of money to recruit a Daniel. With his team to your company, for you to create a new project is the most simple and effective ways, to do operations, may be a director with: planning, design, packaging and other characters together, do the procedure may be a technical director with: front and back and design characters for you to create a niubable program. In general, the recruitment of such personnel are through the dig way.

cheat user

people who want to work, investment, talent is not enough, because we ignore a key problem, that is your user, the owner must try to cheat more users for your encouragement. The most important is the user can help you bring more businesses, businesses have more investment, natural investment company will stampede in money, >.

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Twelve years of network reincarnation

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