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What are the good habits and bad habits

everyone has their own habits, the same store management, good habits may make the business of the shop becomes hot, and bad business is likely to bring a very negative impact on the shop. Therefore, we are in the course of the daily operation of the shop also need to pay attention to good habits and bad habits. If it is a good habit, natural need to maintain, and bad habits also need us to make a more rapid correction, this will be beneficial to the development of the store.

now mobile Internet has become the people’s first choice, but as a retail owner, if addicted to mobile Internet, it will cause a lot of negative impact. Not long ago, there are several shopkeepers due to the "fun" mobile phone, the wrong customer money, and ignore the customers simply play mobile phone, not only caused a loss, but also affect their credibility and reputation, so the customer becomes scarce, business become deserted.

in fact, everyone has their own hobbies and habits, good habits can bring us wealth, but bad habits not only bring money, but also suffer losses. So, what are the good and bad habits in the retail business? These habits are causing you a loss, or bring the source? Below, please talk about their own understanding and understanding of this issue.

Small supermarket boss

Helen, Zheng Aimin

to tell the truth, I am particularly obsessed with mobile phones, since the beginning of the fun of fun, I found myself very busy, when there is no customer, he was in the store all right, so I play. But gradually, I found myself really obsessed with, and a pass off, I have a special passion. However, this affected the work. Sometimes, I also lay in bed, the night is more than an hour, has played very late, but the second day is to get up early.

for a long time, I have to pay when the spirit has left the body, the customer, not to give up, is. Well intentioned customers will be directly to the part of the back to me, not good will not give. Sometimes, I give the customer, which allows customers very angry, not only affects the customer’s mood, but also affects the income. Sometimes, I play games, while receiving customers, receivables, while watching the phone, while collecting.

this way, my bad habit has seriously affected my life, not only the customer has opinions, and my sales significantly reduced. In order to reverse this phenomenon, I reluctantly part will own this hobby up, every day I no longer indulge in the game. Spare time, I used to goods or engage in health, after get rid of the bad habit, I could not have occurred when the wrong account at the same time, the supermarket business also has a new improvement.

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Changling sister service station to allow women to start a circle again dream

to help women entrepreneurs, according to local conditions around the country to take different measures to support. Songyuan City, Changling County, Changling sister service station to help women through the re employment of entrepreneurship, to find a new starting point for life.

to implement the central and provincial Party Committee on strengthening the construction of service-oriented grassroots party organizations, Songyuan City, Changling County focus on serving the people, starting from the community residents are most concerned about employment, helping care for laid-off workers and landless women, the establishment of Changling sister service station in 10 communities throughout the County, they built the scientific point, comprehensive services perfect functions, so that each service station has become the new engine of women’s employment and entrepreneurship and lead the way. The scientific establishment, start a new engine for women entrepreneurs".

perfect functions, a good recommendation

Quanzhou three young entrepreneurs visiting the elderly warmth

three from the Quanzhou youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial efforts in the occasion not forget to repay society, send clothes and food for the elderly in the mountains, to bring a warm and happy new year.

raise supplies into the mountains to send warm   alone; five households smile

"you hurt me, I want to thank you for what?" The foot of the mountain, alone live in dilapidated house two civil five households in Zhang Youmei, see so many enthusiastic strangers sent to their special purchases for the Spring Festival also joyful, excited. He is in the dark, without electricity, not even the candle room and the kitchen and out, still can not find a pot or cup to make tea, can only stand in the crowded and slippery doorway, looking at a few young people the Spring Festival couplets on the top. He said that most of his life, the family has never been so lively, thank you for coming all the way to see me."

From the heart of

Xi Jinping will visit Czech, Czech, from the government to the people eagerly looking forward to the

Xi Jinping will visit Czech, which will enhance the friendship between the two countries ZOJE, while releasing the potential for cooperation. At the same time, all walks of life in Czech are also looking forward to the visit of President Xi Jinping, ZOJE friendship will be further!


3 27, the opening of the state visit to Czech on the eve of President Xi Jinping, Czech, the capital of the welcoming atmosphere more intense. The bright five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, the guard of Honor outside the presidential palace rehearsal, for the grand ceremony to do a careful preparation. Czech from the government to the people, there is no waiting for president Xi Jinping’s visit.

on the highway into downtown Prague, you can see a big billboard. Above the sign is a line of red Chinese characters: "welcome to Czech Republic!" The following is the translation of the Czech language, and then the following is connected with a piece of the Tiananmen and the Charlie Tower Bridge and other iconic buildings. On both sides of the main streets of Prague, the high flying flags of the ZOJE. President Xi Jinping is about to stay in front of the hotel, but also raised a bright five-star red flag, fluttering in the breeze high.

"Chinese heard that President Xi Jinping will come to Prague, I always wanted to give President Xi a small gift. I sent a lot of Chinese people who passed the ‘I love China’ handmade products, I hope at least one person can achieve my wish." The young man named Jimani said that in recent years, the growing number of Chinese tourists to his business booming, he was grateful, I hope President Xi’s visit to bring more business opportunities".

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Mental maturity partners need to have five characteristics

an excellent entrepreneurial team for the success of entrepreneurs have a great role in promoting, and to set up an excellent entrepreneurial team, you must first find a mature mental partner. So, what kind of entrepreneurial partnership talents mature? Need to have these five characteristics.

1, honesty and integrity

2, friendly

and the public understanding of different, this is actually a "technology" rather than a "attitude". In a country that has long been the only one who can teach people to "look up" or "look down", the ability to "look up" at the right time is the ability to grow up in the right environment for a while.

3, independent sense of responsibility

I have seen

you should be the main responsibility for all of your options, you should be responsible for your work, you should be for your time planning take the main responsibility, you should be responsible for your product, you should be responsible for your salary and income, you should be for your occupation into long primary responsibility. If you think your investors, CEO, product manager should be responsible for you, you are still a child.

4, communication skills

Venture capital investment focus on biotechnology and other industries

a lot of start-up companies or entrepreneurial individuals are venture capital through venture capital, then, in 2016, China venture capital industry which is the focus of bias?


2014, China’s venture capital industry showed growth trend.

, a number of agencies and raising the growth of

2014, China venture investment institutions reached 1551 (Note: the data for the actual stock number of institutions, including venture capital (Fund), venture investment management companies and a government engaged in venture capital business units, has been removed from business venture capital business or cancellation of the number of institutions)   growth of 10.2% over the previous year. Among them, venture capital enterprises (Fund) 1095, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year, venture capital investment management enterprises, an increase of 22.7% over the previous year. When the new fund raised 216, an increase of 16.8% over the previous year.

2014, the national venture capital management capital amounted to 523 billion 240 million yuan, an increase of 31.7% over the previous year, the average fund management fund size of $448 million, an increase of 37.4% over the previous year.



Yuan Guiren in college graduates employment and entrepreneurship network video conference speech

college entrepreneurship in 2015 made initial progress, college students will have a significant increase in entrepreneurial intentions. Yuan Guiren, Minister of education at the college graduates employment and entrepreneurship conference, said that to achieve a higher quality of employment and entrepreneurship.

12 4, the 2016 national college graduates employment and entrepreneurship network video conference held in Beijing, the party secretary of the Ministry of education, Minister Yuan Guiren attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed the need to conscientiously implement the party’s the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spirit, efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education reform of college students employment guidance, enhance the level of service, and strive to achieve college graduates more fully, higher quality employment and entrepreneurship.

Reform opinions will be announced many state-owned enterprises facing restructuring


of a country will be faced with various reforms in the process of development is inevitable, since recently attracted a lot of people are concerned about the reorganization of state-owned enterprise reform is now confirmed, then, let’s take a look at some of the details of the reform of state-owned enterprises.

is the wave of mergers and acquisitions of state-owned enterprises

8 31, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of finance, the SASAC, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other four ministries jointly issued "on encouraging mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, the cash dividend and share repurchase notice" clearly, encourage the state-owned listed companies rely on capital market to strengthen the integration of resources, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, improve the quality and efficiency of development; conditional state-owned shareholders and holding listed companies by way of capital, improve the capacity of sustainable development; support to meet the conditions of the state-owned listed companies through business integration, enhance the enterprise overall value.

Guotai Junan that further clarify the direction of SOE reform, the reform of state-owned enterprises superposition top-level design is introduced, the future level of central enterprises reform will accelerate the development of central enterprises as an important platform for the capital operation of the capital market, will play an important role in the reform of central enterprises, the central enterprises or the emergence of the wave of mergers and acquisitions. Future large enterprises, industry concentration is not high, the core competitiveness and the international industry, there is a certain gap between the existence of vicious competition or export-oriented industry serious overcapacity in the central enterprises reorganization may appear larger. Through the comparison of the 2008-2014 years the industry’s main business revenue growth, cement, steel and nonferrous metal, coal, shipping, shipbuilding, military or because of overcapacity, or because of the stage of economic development, industry life cycle, national strategy and other reasons, is likely to be included in the list of central enterprises to integrate, in order to cooperate to resolve the capacity, to participate in the global competition.

SASAC relevant person 7 Xinhua News Agency reporters, "guidance" on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises has been approved by the central, will soon be officially announced. That evening at five thirty-seven, the media revealed the copy version of the "guidance" of the specific content, judge its authenticity, but taking into account the concern of the customer, not determine the authenticity on the basis of the preliminary comments are as follows:

1, one point statement. Since the July bailout, I recommend

You can’t miss the 5 big money making industry

are you tired of a nine to five career? You are not filled with ambition, want to start to realize their dreams? Are you still can not find the right entrepreneurial projects and worry? Now, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend the 5 absolutely profitable industry.

1, automotive manufacturing and sales industry

2, makeup care, slimming beauty industry

ever more would like to venture for men, but from the survey found recently joined the show business, the female and the male proportion of entrepreneurs has risen to 1:1.

3, service diversification of urban convenience store industry

With the steady development of