Forwards count methods to build high-quality user experience

4, a good reading experience. Good reading experience is the key to the layout of the internal links, this is not only conducive to search engine spiders crawling, but also can further promote the user’s reading. Although not as powerful as the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love to create, but at least as far as possible to allow users to see an article, but also to continue. This is mainly reflected in the "vertical reading" knowledge such as point spread, can also be "horizontal reading" such as reading etc..

Reasonable access to

site location. Site positioning must be clear, can not make the station ready to accept either course. After the position clear, to mobilize people around to make a benefit by mutual discussion in accordance with the needs of users, the site, if only to meet the individual needs, then don’t talk about the user experience.

chat, to build the site from the user’s point of view, before the Hefei Shanghai dragon also wrote a "ranking" from the user behavior on the web, from this perspective. Now the search engine is not only the analysis of user behavior, record user behavior data, at the same time from the user behavior data to a site of weight distribution, this is the search engine has been promoting user experience. So, to enhance the user experience of the website, to the user, in the search engine is gabriel. The common method to enhance the user experience including improving site access speed, to create high-quality content and so on, in addition to these, there are many places on your site can enhance the user experience.

One of the topics is the love topic today

5, advertising. Some sites do advertising alliance, this no ground for blame. Reasonable layout of advertising, sometimes also can add something new to the site. But not because of advertisements affect the user experience, such as the extensive use of pop, such as advertising, banner. Unless your site such as portals such as Sina niuqi, advertising the station full flight, rarely on these portals, afraid of its advertisements.


3 and browsing habits. Whether it is Google’s F browser "on track or love Shanghai" Golden Triangle "browsing path, it can generally reflect a user’s browsing habits. The key content of the site to the layout in the "hot spots", make users feel more focused. Personal webmaster should know now love Shanghai Webmaster Tools launched a "love Shanghai heat map application, very good to help us specific to your site users browsing habits, accurate or not aside, at least a little reference value.

site layout. Especially personal blog, not like the news website that let people every rhythm, visual fatigue. Can be nested new features such as RSS, micro-blog and the like, even the CCTV News Network said to be revised, and change rapidly the network in the world, this is the start of the user experience.

, 6 points less cater to the search engine, many users point to. This point didn’t want to write it, after all, there are many sites still rely on search engines to flow. But with the further escalation of the search engine algorithm, with >


After the new launch site link noble baby improved


definition. Previously, your web pages or displayed on the website link, or display the regular search results, or between the two will be displayed. Now, we are distinguished more clearly on the domain name and domain name. If the site link shows the first search results, then the remaining search site link below will result from other domain name. But if the first search results of a query is a sub domain, do not make this distinction. For example, the first query search results the met was exhibitions, which links all from the site of /special. However, the rest of the search results may come from other parts of the domain name, such as or

visibility. These links were upgraded to full size text, and use the green URL and a line of "abstract text enhancement, very similar to the conventional search results. This increases the prominence of the individual links and the top of the total domain name on the whole, making them easier to find the user.

this week, the organizational form and the quality of our updated site link to improve search results of the noble baby. Site link refers to appear in the two column links below some of the search results and advertising, to help users easily in-depth access to certain websites. The website link has not fundamentally changed, is still based on the link structure of your site, ranking algorithm to generate and display it in accordance with, and only useful for a given query case.

. The user can see these changes are accompanied by scenes of quality improvement. The improvement is the core, we will link generation and ranking system — such as a web site link with us than the traditional ranking system is combined with the structure you, thus creating a better, unified algorithm. From the ranking point of view, the "conventional" search results and site links now does not have what distinction.

The quality of

flexibility. Prior to this, each website has a fixed site link list, the list or show all or no show; without any rank of nobility baby specific queries on these links. With the update released today, according to the query, and ranking site link selection will also change, which shows the optimization results more. In addition, the maximum number of links to a website may display has been raised to Torgovnik, 8 to 12, and that number will also vary according to the specific query.

here are several improvements we released today, the website link:

Four effective methods for fast exchange chain website

during this period of time to exchange travel website of a chain, the author found that many owners are not the rapid exchange of Links, and part of the webmaster do not know what to the local exchange chain, so today I will place tourism websites Link Exchange work to do a summary, also let the webmaster master a plurality of exchange tourism website link method, the author has a total of four methods can effectively exchange the chain of tourism Webmaster Help, four effective methods for rapid exchange chain website following the author of local tourism.

for example: I now want to exchange friends "in the Links platform

for example: I now through the chain QQ QQ group search local travel website, first author QQ click on the control panel to find contacts, click Add group after input "this four word tourism chain" in the search, and then click on the search and there will be a lot of travel website chain related group. But this group is very targeted, and then find the words with active click join, ready for a little more than 100 QQ group, is not recommended to add, finally agreed to wait for him and into the group exchange chain.

, two

, through the QQ plus group to find relevant industry QQ group

first of all, through the QQ group to find relevant industry QQ group. QQ webmasters may be familiar with it, looking for friends of the chain way through the QQ group is the most appropriate method, can be in QQ search in the search by keywords and groups, and then find the group and their own website related types, generally as long as the group will pass, the friends of the chain QQ group wish the more people the better, so the webmaster in group to find a travel website belongs to the QQ group, and if the active chain group, this will play a certain role.

second, exchange site search related sites through the chain chain. This method is also a lot of people are in use, before a lot of people love to buy Links Ali cloud, Ali cloud affected Scindapsus algorithm, very few people to buy links, so most of the people or by the friends of the chain site to exchange chain, such as webmaster helper network and go9go link platform. The platform can be customized to search relevant types of chain sites, to the webmaster is very convenient, but also eliminates the need for the webmaster to a find.

Through the Links search platform chain related

recently had been responsible for the local tourism website optimization, in the process of optimization of the local tourism website in addition to write text and release the station outside the chain, the second is to the local tourism website in exchange for several high weight Links, in fact in the optimization of the local tourism website, Links exchange is an essential daily optimization the Links, although the effect is not significant, but the exchange type and the same type of chain, greatly small effect is still there, but the time required for a period of time will appear.

Do Links cheese to unraveling


first use webmaster query tool to see their overall situation website, mainly the following aspects: love, love Shanghai, Shanghai weight included PR, Google snapshot love Shanghai.


find ways to friends of the chain site many, more common is to find some friends of the chain link platform with some chain exchange QQ group. But I think it is not the two way, although the former can be between solutions to the site to do the chain but not up to the exchange chain effect, although the latter is convenient but the real exchange quality Mendanghudui link is limited! Here I tell you something about my friends find a popular chain methods: examine the


then we can through these contact the station, to communicate with them, often do friends chain with you! The end of the first wire pulling off the first condition of cocoon, the first site in the site contact end, we continue to use the same method. From the screening out of the site to find conditions, and so on, so there will be Everfount link object

looking for friends of the chain to do is the same industry, the way of looking for friends of the chain is more targeted after all is the same industry, the quality is relatively high! Hope this method can make some just contact to promote the work of the friends benefit! Give a final advertising, the www.vivipig贵族宝贝 A5 slightly pig network first, reproduced keep the link

?Of course,

thread, we can derive our Links website through the webmaster tools, we have to do is find out from friends of the chain with overall situation of our website almost.


many webmaster know "the chain for emperor" the truth, some experienced owners in this chain do more in place even if the new ranking will soon go up optimization. But for many novice in this area is still relatively vague, especially Links this one: one is do not know how to judge the quality chain object; on the other hand, do not know how to find a website chain. The former do not discuss here, here that is the latter – how to find the website chain

metabolism! Thanksgiving! The second is the

is the next cocoon stripping from the list, we can find that the number 37 of the friends of the chain website is the same with me. Then we began to peel from this website. We have to do is look at the conditions about the site there is where the friends of the chain, the same inside find similar condition with us. We will see similar condition point in, many at the bottom of the site will leave some customer service QQ, chain applications, contact phone:


Analysis of the pros and cons of a single page of Taobao passenger from Shanghai Dragon Construction

is a guest Wangzhuan form, now commonly used has the advantages of simple operation, direct profit, so many new Adsense sought after, I have several Taobao guest website, but I used the single page promotion for this model, some friends say, some friends say no, then this kind of mode I promotion what feasible? Today I will share a single page in my eyes, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Taobao customers.

5 can batch

3 has more time to focus on High Commission products. If your website is a single page on the website of guest, then the goods are generally higher commission treasure, such as slimming products, products and so on, but also because it is a single page of Taobao, the webmaster can be all his own mind in this industry, marketing, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, offline marketing and so on all this is a point of attack, the effect of good.

replication in a short period of time Taobao

single page website can fast bulk copy, do not need to worry about space or database, just contact Taobao customer for many webmaster, if you do a website, it is very difficult, but if you do a single page, I believe many people still can be, so now for the novice for a >

said a single page from the advantages of Shanghai dragon angle:

1 easy to manage. This is a single page Taobao off the most direct advantage. Because now Taobao customers although many, but basically is the webmaster to do part-time, like me, there is usually work, can not put all energy on the website, and single page Taobao customers clearly don’t need too much energy, a copy of the XX standard product list, do a website with DIV+CSS, then get the code on the OK, if it is a single product is more simple, you can add a header page in a single page, so do not need to spend a lot of time to master.

4 goal of high precision, high conversion rate. As long as we observe carefully, you will find a lot of portal of the lower right corner is occupied most of the sales website, which sales website is the most single page Taobao customers, because the present form, single page website, select the site title keywords, basically is the long tail keywords over 7 words, like "what slimming products", "long tail keywords XX clothing how" like, people search intention is good, have a strong desire to buy, as long as the web content is not bad, "the conversion rate is very high.

2 product maintenance and promotion purpose. In general, a single page of Taobao guest website do a single product promotion, so owners do not need to find a wide range of products, only in their own industry to select 10 select baby or a service, the credibility of high stores can, this promotion is back have a purpose, as my friend made a garment, shoes, light is the darling of the guest, screening in 3 days.

1 cents profit, you will earn itBlog resume recruiting websites and web2.0

two, publicity,

blog content can serve as a temporary way for companies to understand job seekers’ skills.

blog resume can still use the layout columns around the Internet is the most common, the traditional resume content, such as: personal information, job intention, education background, and the right column is the.

in enterprise users in the use of keywords search talent, still with the content of the original resume, blog articles supplemented. Wait until the blog resume is understood and valued by the job seekers, in the gradual increase in the weight of blog content in search.

in my case: I probably sold 10 single day, every single basically is greater than 5>

has more than 160 thousand registered users, but the real use of the software, there are so many people, we play a question mark? I according to Taobao search statistics, search for "quick charge" keywords to find the sub baby 31152, of course, this data is certainly not accurate, because the software is constantly extended the number of user groups will be more and more. Here we remove repetitive ID number, I believe that only about more than 20 thousand of users in the use of quick charge, as well as the volume of transactions, as to why the transaction will arise, it is very simple, who is not now full charge?. Add yourself to friends, enough to generate trading volume, including the volume of transactions in Taobao and quick charge. We believe that this data is generally considered relatively large. Let me look at the profit margins:

The use of

is a quick charge of virtual recharge software, in 2010 October to spend 1 dollars to buy the VIP, in fact, when the official just launched, is free to send, here don’t say those words, we take a look at the back the number of users of this software:

e-commerce development quality, especially Ma Yun’s Taobao made a lot of people round the entrepreneurial dream, I am 05 years beginning with e-commerce, feel very magical, the surface can also buy and sell things on the Internet, with little doubt to 07 years, is also the period of e-commerce leap, then I will become a drop in the bucket, to buy things many things to sell, not to shop a month by Taobao to shut up, because there is no upload 10 baby. At that time in the school do not know how to make money, but also did not want to far, until recently I was in contact with the virtual recharge software, I think there are so many virtual recharge software already on the market, why some companies also continue to fall over each other to launch its own virtual recharge software, we can found that there are a lot of companies involved in this chain. Why is this to grab a piece of cake? How big the profit space in the end, we first do not worry, listen to the road.

According to official statistics,

In the early days of

blog resume, enrich the content to a certain extent, to set up a separate blog channel or a sub site, with the industry division of the channel Zi Zhan, blog aggregator of users in the industry to each industry section. Make the channel become a comprehensive industry station, while users continue to improve their resume at the same time, also continue to contribute content for this channel. These content will attract a group of users who are interested in it, and they will become potential users of the recruitment network.

the above idea, I think the blog resume can not only help enterprises to better understand job seekers, let job seekers have more personalized Occupation Skills display platform, can bring more potential customers for the recruiting station, advertising and recruitment of some pages in the blog channel station can be obtained on the aggregate income.

2. increases the industry’s influence in the industry, >

one, blog resume, functional aspects,

there are several advantages to this:

, the original resume should be retained and added to the Resume feature bar. Is it an option to use blog resume?. First, because there are still many Internet users in China who are not very convenient. Two, some Internet users are not used to this way. So you can open this function to Internet users who are relatively familiar with the internet.

we open it on the official website to see above, found that there is no advertising, there is no franchisee, and so on, their company’s registered capital of 100 thousand, in the official website we can see. The software profit where is in fact 1 cents of profit, they are compared with other virtual recharge software price quite is relatively high, the official to us saying that they are the channels, so expensive, give us the agent are cost, here we call again a question mark? I used when Unicom work, charge 50 yuan bill, to make 1 dollars profit, and this product 50 Beijing Unicom calls for 49.3 yuan, the price is 3 cents, 1 cents to 1 cents in other channels, the cost of another 1 cents. Is total profit, then we have to calculate how much they can earn a day:

1. improves traffic and increases the number of users and resumes, especially Internet related industry recruiters. Blogs such as Beijing, which are more developed in the Internet industry, will increase their share in these cities

WEB2.0 in the past two years in the Internet has been very red, the industry is very concerned about the times. Recruitment network can be "WEB2.0 job" as a gimmick, vigorously propaganda and speculation.

when the Internet users have a relatively stable job, the recruitment website is unattractive to it. And as time goes on, their experience will gradually increase, skills will continue to improve, but they are planning to quit before the basic recruitment site will not update their resume. Again, they may miss a position in a more powerful enterprise that matches their capabilities. And add blog function to resume can improve this point.

When the

A bird with you deeply love spiders in Shanghai

The working process of

love Shanghai spiders, English name is "Baiduspider" is an automatic program search engine love Shanghai. Its role is to visit on the Internet web pages, pictures, videos and other content, establish the index database, users can search in the search engine in Shanghai love to your web pages, pictures, video and other content. Come Shanghai Encyclopedia



read the above, do you think that the spider is not too much, do not know how to do, don’t be afraid of spiders is a prewritten program only, there are a lot of things it could not identify the current love of spiders in Shanghai also can only recognize text information as pictures, flash video content, spiders are not recognized, the use of flash construction site in Shanghai may not be included in love. >

love Shanghai will filter out some of what page and content? 1: some use automatic jump function page, this page will love Shanghai that is cheating, will be decisive in the filter is filtered out. 2: contains a page in the link is not too much, it will also lead to love Shanghai not included, can not exceed the number of specific, no love Shanghai expressly, we can only rely on pondering. 3: for Internet information has been flying, love Shanghai may not be included, unless your site weight is very high, even if you have to collect collect some fresh things. (recommend that you still write original, every day is not too much, one or two to 4); breach of Chinese law content I love Shanghai will filter out (this need not say much understand) 5: the website structure is complex, some sites are placed in the following several contents the directory, this love Shanghai may not crawl to the final pages, or that sentence unless your weight is particularly high, so even if you love the Shanghai directory will crawl, normally we do stand in a directory to the two floor is good, otherwise it may affect the spider crawling.


I love spiders in Shanghai daily work is very simple, it is mainly responsible for grasping the Internet content, and then build the index, and then set up further in the rankings. Some friends may ask, I stand spiders visit every day hundreds of times, thousands of times, but why he is not included? In fact, spider crawl back things are stored in a temporary database, and then through a series of algorithm to filter out spam and content, is left to love Shanghai real collection.

spider is really very powerful

what is the love of spiders in Shanghai


friends all want their stations have good rankings in love with sea, and the website rankings and love of spiders in Shanghai have great relevance, we know how to work the spider love Shanghai? (called, baizhanbudai) here we have come off

Google JCPenney Overstock has been following the punishment right down

from above each event, Google on the website of the link is still very important but also very strict, because he himself has not let go. Chinese also has an idiom: things, meaning we all understand that links the significance of the rankings, may have been well known, in today’s case, I suggest you pay more attention to the quality of the site itself, but also as little as possible on the link and move crooked mind.

Overstock and J.C.Penney events are essentially different, J.C.Penney may be because the purchase link, and Overstock link strategy from linkbait category, but through this thing, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can also more in-depth understanding of Google for a link to the judge. The best link bait or through their products and services to users to discuss the influence of automatic generation, link, if this is the form of your website, may one day have 10 thousand links, the site will not have any problems.

for Google, links must be natural, with commercial behavior does not take the edge, link bait seemingly is the planner’s plan, not to involve money, but this link is spontaneous, but to the control, this is also the link bait to defined. Remember once saw a news about Google Japan for breach of involved paid links Google site quality guidelines. This Google PageRank of Japan from 9 straight to 5 Google Matt Cutts anti cheat team also said on Twitter, Google Japan website punishment will continue for a period of time.

a few days ago, my article "on the road" noble baby punishment website has been discussed, this paper is about the J.C.Penney shop of the punishment by Google, the reason may be the purchase of Links, and now Overstock this website. So Overstock being punished reason we should have learned through the news, or link the reason. Google was found in the Overstock to about verstock discount activity initiated in some schools to discuss links, intended to increase from edu links, Google has issued a warning to Overstock, Overstock also will stop the activity, but unfortunately, due to the activities arising out of the link, have not been cleared, so eventually by the Google drop right.

because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also try to let you webmaster friends can read everything I say, and the center of. The knife also hope to know more and more senior practitioners of the new Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon optimization group: 68204508. Author: knife (贵族宝贝 by the Changbai Mountain tourism network, the first A5.

Some news about Google punishment

Forwards Hefei Shanghai dragon site case analysis Chinese segmentation technology

1, from Hefei Shanghai dragon "keywords will be split into" Hefei "and" Shanghai dragon "," Hefei website promotion will be "split" Hefei "+" website "+" promotion "or" Hefei "and" website promotion "or" Hefei website "+" promotion "form. This word can be well understood, and widely used in our site. Love Shanghai search "Hefei Shanghai dragon" top 20 results page only one is not fully matched, "Hefei website promotion" before the 20 results only four are not perfectly matched

(3) according to the scanning direction and length of priority mixed matching, can be divided into the forward maximum matching and reverse maximum matching etc..

(1) according to the different scanning direction can be divided into positive matching and reverse matching.

1, based on dictionary matching refers to the matching processing target words or sentences with the dictionary entry, after scanning, sentence, word, word form.

(2), in accordance with the priority can be divided into different length, maximum matching and minimum matching.

is based on the dictionary matching accuracy integrity and timeliness depends on the dictionary, very fast. The segmentation method based on statistics is more flexible, and is conducive to the elimination of ambiguity, but slower. Chinese word search engine is often the two kinds of segmentation technology together, to improve the speed and accuracy. This is Chinese word we said, then based on these Chinese segmentation technology, we want to maximize the return of Hefei, Shanghai dragon blog, and speculation about the application of forward Chinese segmentation technique.

2, from the words "Anhui Hefei Shanghai dragon" can be split into "Anhui" and "Hefei" and "Shanghai, Anhui" or "Hefei" and "Shanghai dragon" or "safe"

recently a friend asked in front of the site in addition to the Hefei Shanghai, Hefei dragon website promotion do on the home page, and the Anhui Shanghai Anhui Anhui Longfeng, website promotion, website optimization also ranked in the Shanghai home of love. So take this opportunity to talk about love Chinese segmentation technology in Shanghai, are some of his own understanding, more ideas welcome exchange.

Er all know that the working principle of search engine in a preprocessing, will grab the page a few processes, ranking mechanism for the good preliminary preparation. In the process of pretreatment, this is a technical process of word segmentation. English is in a word as the basic unit, separated by a space between words into a word, Chinese is in word units without intermediate connector become a word. So, Chinese segmentation and segmentation English difference. From the existing search engines, especially on the Chinese word love Shanghai that is mainly based on dictionary matching and based on statistics.

Shanghai dragon

2, based on the statistical analysis of a large number of data samples is calculated, scanning the word or words or sentences of statistical probability, the words appear more and more neighbors, can form a word, the same word can be formed.

Effectively lock regional users by keywords


point to point the way to select keywords, meaning that some certain keywords to search only for some regional effect strong performance. How to pay attention to is this kind of key words must be selected correctly, no person benefits is not big, will waste a lot of valuable time. The following is the Chongqing area search "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai index and Liaoning area search "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai index between


, to select keywords

two, point to select keywords


whether individuals or businesses will conduct a preliminary positioning in the website construction of the initial formulation, optimization. Website optimization process of locking the needs of the user can bring a real benefit conversion rate. Many individuals or enterprises in the scale of website or other aspects will have limitations, therefore, may have restrictions on regional. How to grasp the lock can be more regional users, a lot of network marketing researchers studied. In Shanghai dragon, is also the focus of the essence, we need to grasp and reasonable use, especially in the selection of key words in.

The so-called

article by Chongqing Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng.Html) prepared, reproduced please indicate the source in the form of links.

website optimization process, the selection of key words is particularly important, regional restricted enterprise is more difficult to grasp. The above three kinds of way to select keywords have their own advantages and disadvantages. Shanghai dragon Er just three combination, it is complement each other, do more effective lock regional users.

surface to the point, said that many local users are still selected keywords, through the point of the selected keywords can also bring a lot of effective conversion rate, but need to pay attention to is not blindly amplifier, amplification of the region tends to increase the difficulty to optimize efficiency, waste time. As shown below:


keyword is selected according to local conditions, according to the key words before the individual or enterprise need transformation of a region of the users and the regional restrictions, the keywords used to long tail words, search volume is relatively small, but the transformation of high efficiency. Because of this, it is applicable to the enterprises subject to regional restrictions. Need to be reminded that: too much emphasis on optimizing the long tail keywords, can greatly improve the optimization difficulty, it is difficult to improve your brand awareness.

three, according to local conditions to select keywords